STARS REVEAL: Learn horoscope based on what will be a mom!

Zodiac signs describe the character traits that are reflected in the way we relate to work, love and relationships with friends. They also can be described and what we parenthood. Read the descriptions, have fun and find out whether there are truths.


Advantages: confident, self-conscious, strong, fearless
Weaknesses: I’ll be angry, sometimes egocentric, stubborn
Maternity Style: Mama hero, who all love fearlessly


Advantages: Stability, good taste, understanding, hardworking and industrious
Weaknesses: I always wanted to meet, mood swings, sometimes fasting
Maternity Style: The first discipline and order, and then the fun


Advantages: Versatile, playful, youthful spirit, curious, creative
Weaknesses: Inconsistent, difficult to set limits, contradictory, impatient
Maternity Style: Just to have fun and cheerful and never boring


Advantages: sensitivity, positive, loyal, sentimental
Weaknesses: Over-protective attitude, mood swings, a little jealous
Maternity Style: Alfa mother who holds the strings in his hands


Advantages: Playful, born leaders, creative, self-confident
Weaknesses: egocentric, dramatizing prone, pessimistic attitude
Maternity Style: The camera, action! Mothers who leave their mark


Advantages: Organized, very reasonable, intellectuals, healthy habits
Weaknesses: He bent condemnation, anxious and nervous, exaggerated by analyzing
Maternity Style: Mom needs to be a manager, but also a performer


Advantages: patient, sophisticated and gentle, honest and fair
Weaknesses: Inconsistent, sometimes vain and superficial
Maternity Style: Being a mother means to have a balance in life.


Advantages: Strong, resistant, intuitive, high-power
Weaknesses: They like to control, can sometimes create great panic because of concerns
Maternity Style: Crazy mix of entertainment and ‘dangerous’ mother


Advantages: Adventurous spirit, wise, witty, promising
Weaknesses: impatient, hard, somewhat disorganized
Maternity Style: Maternity impulse for which there are no rules and plans


Advantages: Organized, traditional, consistent, patient, considerate
Weaknesses: anxious, sometimes panic, too guarded and suspicious
Maternity Style: Mom’s mom and dad. Mama can do anything!


Advantages: youthful spirit, generous, genuine, fair
Weaknesses: Turbulent, likes to dramatize too lenient
Maternity Style: The first controls and red, and then the fun


Strengths: compassionate, imaginative, caring, creative
Weaknesses: Eccentric, prefer to impose a sense of guilt
Maternity Style: Mame sirens – seductive and glamorous mother