STARS, STARS MY: Tell me my grad who judged ‘is?

Do you like the towns that live to the fullest 24 hours? Or you attract more withdrawn, less the city, perfect for idyllic family life? Maybe you prefer exotic destinations without worrying that every night should draw the canopy around the bed, because of the dangerous insects?
No matter how much you like it or not some of the towns, and the stars are mixed in, and your decisions and affect to what cities are perfect for you.


You’re uneasy and pull your city with rich nightlife, as well as Buenos Aires. However, before you and cities that are held major sporting events, football matches, car races, tennis tournaments, Paris, London, New York, Melbourne.


Although you are a big fan of nature and the countryside, attracts you and the Orient – Istanbul, Cairo, Alexandria. Due to the good food and a good time, you will also Barcelona and Los Angeles.


You love cities that never sleeps, New York, Copenhagen, Milan, Stockholm, and the coastal towns and those in which you can not be bored, Herceg Novi, Nice, Cannes, Venice Lido.


You like to stay on the water, near the lake, sea or river. Therefore, the right choice for you Zurich, Geneva and Sydney.


Attracting Your city hosts major sporting events, but also beer festival. As lovers of luxury and glamor suit you good entertainment, Monte Carlo, Paris, Nice, Barcelona, ​​New York and Las Vegas.


Good feel in Krakow, the ancient Athens, the luxurious Paris and the beautiful Budapest, where in a restaurant in the city center flick the paper, drink coffee and enjoy the treats.


Most cities are right for you at sea, or in which they are organized major art events, music and film festivals, fashion shows, exhibitions – Rome, Venice, Milan, Nice, Cannes, as well as Beijing.


You are always ready to meet a new culture and exotic destination. You like Spanish and Italian cities (especially in Sicily), and you attract and Chicago, New York and Rio de Janeiro.


No place does not suit you completely, because love changes. Fits you a blend of modern and traditional, the city of luxurious architecture which is full of cultural and sporting events, Madrid, Rome, Barcelona, ​​Palma de Mallorca.


Are you a lover of history and tradition admirer, but you apart from your native place match and London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, towns where you can enjoy the sights of medieval castles.


Your sensibility agreeable modern cities in which to live fast – Amsterdam, Hong Kong, New York, Paris, Berlin, St. Petersburg.


Previous to you the proximity of water, most of the big ones, the ocean. You like small towns, without confusion, such as Valletta in Malta, a small town in Sardinia, Maldives, Cote d’Ivoire, Cuba, as well as large as Sydney.