Stay away from them! Born in this zodiac signs are extremely aggressive and can not control BES

Do not even attempt to enter into a discussion with them … it will cost you nerves, but you will not achieve anything!


Born under the sign of Aries are among the most aggressive people because they are aware that they can lead the anger away. The Rams are not evil or if you engage in a discussion with them, know that you will lose. Their aggression is natural and usually use them for good – at work, for various promotions in life … If you feel that you are too calm and you have to stand up for ourselves, Gemini is the right person you should ask for advice.


Members of this sign prefer it to be to their liking, and if not so – will give you the knowledge you are not at all satisfied with your decisions. Mostly bursting with self-confidence, but sometimes it can lead to extreme aggression. Most often that their anger in use, and Aries, for good, but Gemini will not matter who will trample on your way to the top. Do not underestimate their ability to be very wicked and evil.


If someone likes to make plans, then this is Leo. And, if someone likes everyone to know his plans, then it’s just Leo. When it’s all about chances. If you have a chance to achieve something that gives one a chance in life, then you will do it. Leo radiates aggression which serves him to get out of life what he thought he deserved.


Shooters are blatantly self-confident and open. People often describe them as aggressive, for lack of a better term. Aggression of this sign is reflected in the fact that it is unable to engage in any situation and story – he was invited or not. Wants to have a good time and he knows everything and sees everything. Try it with this one not hurt, but it will be difficult to curb their aggression.