Stories of Super moon ….

Stories of Super moon relating to its size, more precisely its proximity to the Earth, and will look much larger than usual. Following such a moon would be the year 2034.

And this is his only feature in relation to all full moons so far. The difference in the impact on humans. If it is closer to the Earth, its effects will be stronger. Type of impact will depend on the sign. The moon is in Taurus, and will seek to express emotions in a way that corresponds to the sign of Taurus, therefore, secure environment, familiar environment, and established patterns of behavior and the like. Moon in Taurus loves above all comfort, but only when he felt comfortable enough can talk about their fears and concerns. However, Taurus is a sign that does not like heavy emotions, illness or any other kind of tension, so the Moon in Taurus is trying to suppress difficult emotions and tensions for the sake of comfort. But it would not be so unusual, it’s not a full moon, which proved to be a powerful trigger of paranoia, mental problems and uncertainties. He thus causing madness and tends to manifest itself.

On the other hand, we have the Sun in Scorpio, which is mysterious, introverted, weight filozofskijem and a deeper understanding of life. Understanding things or situations usually involve some form of a mental tensions, which often causes emotional tension, in this case, the tension Taurus.

One feature of bulls uncontrolled rage and almost wild behavior when they are upset when they disturbed the peace or comfort. The opposition of the moon and the sun is about to adopt, the conflict needs, the needs of raids to understand things, and need to get a reality whatever it is, does not experience too intense.

However, the opposite will happen if the full moon pulls it irrational and deeply in people, be sure that you will feel intense emotions can be very unpleasant, such as intense anger, which will make the rash actions. What is good in the whole situation is that this is still opposition to the Sun and the Moon, gives the consciousness of opposites, the awareness of what we have and what we do not. This may lead us to act more uncomfortable, or simply appease the situation. Whatever you decide, it is important to realize that the consequences of their actions create in relation to the environment.

It is possible to appear some old fears or situations that burden, you may ask for help or advice of an expert. Whatever you feel, you will feel intense, deep, hard and whole being.

People are more moral than they think and far more immoral than they can imagine.