Style Dress REVEALS YOU: This is what he wears every zodiac sign

Who belongs to which star signs can be detected, and in style, manner of dress and colors which dominate in the locker room, according to astrologers. Here’s what the character does.

Aries adore red color in all shades and combinations. Even if you wear black-and-white combination always have red accents. Vole and small bags in gold because they want to be noticed.

Bulls tend to have a nice neck like to wear big necklaces, unusual shapes that emphasize cleavage. Prints and stripes on clothes and shoes with platform are also part of their image.

The twins come to the fore if they carry optical designs. They fit their circles, cubes and stars, and the color of most yellow, black or blue.

Crabs worship a wider range of colors, but the sea-seems to shine. Top strapless, oriental designs and prints maximalist give full effect to their appearance.

Lions fetish luxurious hair, so instead of hats decorated with hairpins and rajfovima or make curls. Pay attention to details, especially the effective wide belts that highlight the waist and elegant shoes with a full fifth.

Device and play with colors and patterns. Most of them agree diamond prints, wide belts and high platform shoes and sandals on.

Scales should be in every season with the occasional piece of print or detail. Pink color can complement geometric patterns and distinctive floral designs.

Shooters like to experiment and gladly change colors, patterns and style of dress. Im fit a wide variety of prints and stripes. Creamy copper-colored lipstick underscore their attributes.

Capricorn is the best feeling in quiet tones, but should carry more neutralnosivu and silver. They are mostly reduced and character when it comes to wardrobe selection.

Aquarius in its most radical moves fluttering right in choosing models, designs and colors. Although they are almost all good designs, the focus should be on their black-and-white combinations.

Pisces attributed to femininity, but generally like precious stones jewelry and effective, and the color turquoise.