STYLE GUIDE ASTRO for Aries, Taurus and Gemini: Ladies, you live your authentic nature

This time we present the first three signs of the zodiac, which are: Aries, Taurus and Gemini. The descriptions do not refer only to sign but also to the rising position of Venus, the Moon. What does our Venera says that her job? The position of Venus in the natal chart indicates the way in which markets its appeal and charm.

When properly present its authentic nature, through its own phenomenon, visual appearance and lifestyle, then our personality captivates. We are able to attract people, opportunities and circumstances that have been with us a good combination. We we shine best when our phenomenon pure reflection of what we carry in ourselves.

To express its full potential in the vibratory level, which present their lifestyle, in the natal chart look at the position of the sun (zodiac sign), Venus, the moon, and ascendant (ascendant). In men, preference is given to Mars versus Venus, but it plays a significant role. The point is to express its nature, what is authentically ours, the best in the circumstances.

The first sign of the zodiac. Pioneer, has expressed a desire to be first in everything. Herald of spring.

Venus in Aries

Passionate, temperamental; carries with it the excitement that comes from it. He likes to win. She foreigner to take the first step, which is symbolic of Aries, because it is the first sign of the zodiac. Has a strong sense of themselves and likes to be first. It is a youthful spirit; likes to be noticed and dominant. Direct, courageous, likes a challenge. Venus in Aries can have people born under the sign of Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Gemini.

Ladies known with the position of Venus: Olivera Katarina (fish), Dušica Žegarac (Aries), Hepburn (Bull), Elizabeth Taylor (Fish), Marilyn Monroe (Gemini), Keira (Aries).

Olivera Katarina, Venus in Aries (Sun in Pisces)

Rams face is often the center of attention. Often these are people who look younger, so-called. “Baby face”. The emphasis is on the eyebrows, which are recognizable and well formed, and a high forehead.

Since Aries government head, fashion accessory that is characteristic of rams his hat. From fedora hat, over those with a large brim, sensual to Fascinator. One person who has recognized this in itself and it is placed in an effective way is actress Sarah Jessica Parker, who has the Sun in Aries.

What color would be the best choice for the Rams?

Red, bright shades of red, so called. Porsche red. It is a color that emphasizes energy. Linked to the planet that rules Aries, and this is Mars. In astrology, Mars is the basic source of energy, sexual energy, which is the source of life. When wearing red, the Rams activate their passionate nature and directness, with ease, which is one of the tasks themselves Venus.

What does it mean when someone lives with his Venus?

To easily represent and live your authentic nature, what gives her charm.

In addition to red, ovnovske colors are black, white, and various shades of fluorescent dyes.

Rams prefer tight clothes, sharper cuts and unavoidable detail would be a red leather jacket.

People who have Moon in Aries free to Harry wearing a distinctive fashion accessory for the Rams (hat, red …), because the position of the Moon allows us to accept with joy fashion accessory, or a trend that is symbolic of a certain character.


Taurus is focused on stability and security. A, one of the main One feature is the sensuality.

Bulls trust their senses. Allow them to water it. From enjoying an intimate relationship is over to enjoy the delicious food and wine, to be enjoyed in clothes that must be made of the finest materials.

Venus in Taurus feels at home. The basic features of the Venus are: sensuality-raw sensuality, hedonism, artistic sensibility. When we film language describing Venus in Taurus, it would be Fellini lepotice- many female characters in his films. A painting of Venus and the Moon in Taurus is the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s with Audrey Hepburn in gl.ulozi, which has the Sun in Taurus.

Longs for a stable romantic relationships. It is full of heat; loyal, dedicated. It can be possessive, but the faithful. Exudes femininity and sensuality. This position of Venus in your birth chart can have people born in Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer.

Some of the famous Venus in Taurus: Juliette Binoche (Fish), Linda Evangelista (Taurus), Tanja Boskovic (Cancer), Anica Dobra (Gemini), Liv Tyler (Cancer), Jessica Lange (Cancer).

Tanja Boskovic, Venus in Taurus (Sun in Cancer)

When choosing clothes, Aquarius specifically takes into account the materials and fabrics. Often the label will read the material composition of the garment. The preferred high-quality fabrics, such as cashmere, silk. There is often a note of luxury.

What is recommended and what the bulls are on the right way emphasizes their nature and energy, are the floral designs. In particular, they fit and flowers in her hair and flower Fascinator and floral sash.

Taurus government door, so this part of the body with them distinctive and very attractive. Bulls will often prefer to decorate a necklace, which will not go unnoticed, or quality / trendy scarf or a floral scarf.

What color is the best choice for the Bulls?

Pastel tones, primarily pink. Pink color is related to love, Venus, planet of love, rules Taurus and Libra, including the Taurus and Libra fit different shades of these colors.

Roze fight forest that has a calming effect, especially in the case of a hearing or tense situations and distressed feelings.

We should not forget that in addition to persons who are born under this sign, I can recognize those in Taurus rising, or have Venus and the Moon in Taurus.

Even some of the celebrities who can be classified into camp Bikova: Penelope Cruz (Sun in Taurus), Michelle Pfeiffer (Sun in Taurus), Audrey Hepburn (Sun in Taurus), Cate Blanchett (Sun in Taurus), Uma Thurman (Sun in Taurus), Katharine Hepburn (sun and Moon in Taurus), Keira Knightley (Moon in Taurus).

The third sign of the zodiac, ruled by the planet Mercury. Curious, communicative, intelligent; always eager for new knowledge. They have a youthful charm and could be called a charmer zodiac.

Venus in Gemini

She seduces and is seduced through communication. There will always give priority to intelligence compared to physical appearance when choosing a partner. These persons are versatile, fast on the thoughts and witty. And that was actually based their charm. In looking for a partner and friend to be able to share their ideas. They like to talk about love and to write love letters. Venus in Gemini can have people born under the sign: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Leo.

Known Venus in Gemini: Baby Potter (Bull), Stanislav Pešić (Gemini), One Blood (Gemini), Jennifer Lopez (Lav), Sandra Bullock (Lav), Jacqueline Kennedy (Lav), Kylie Minogue (Gemini), Campbell, ( Twin), Cher (Bik), Uma Thurman (Taurus).


Gemini ruled by the shoulders, arms and fingers. Therefore, like to wear bracelets, in sequence, to hear the rattle of announcing their arrival. It may be noted that using arms and hands in the gesture.

They love themselves to worship and manicure, and massage the shoulders and arms.

With regard to rule the shoulders, it is recommended to wear dresses, or guns that reveal this part of the body. It was one of the twins, the famous Marilyn Monroe credited as a dress with uncovered shoulders (aka. Halter dress) has become synonymous with style.

The color

Color, which is recommended Gemini is yellow. It facilitates communication and intellect. Psychologists claim that the yellow color is very good for perception and mental stimulation.

It is the color of happiness and hope. Sami twins are almost always smiling, life’s access them snug.

The color of the sun, brings enthusiasm and promotes energy. It helps in decision-making and allows clarity of thought. Be creative, triggers ideas. It helps in learning and promotes concentration. It is good to wear yellow color, if you do promo, journalism, sales.

Depending on the complexion, Gemini can choose different shades of yellow: lemon yellow, sun yellow, canary yellow. Those who are not big fans of these colors may try with a light shade, while the bolder good choice was a bright yellow color, with which you will not remain unnoticed.

Marilyn Monroe in the film Seven years of loyalty in a dress with uncovered shoulders
The list of Gemini, there are: Adriana Lima (Sun in Gemini), Natalie Portman (Sun in Gemini), Heidi Klum (Sun in Gemini), Nicole Kidman (The Sun in Gemini), Liz Hurley (Sun in Gemini), Angelina Jolie (sun in Gemini), Jennifer Garner (Moon in Gemini), Eva Herzigova (Moon in Gemini), Claudia Schiffer (Moon in Gemini).