STYLE GUIDE ASTRO for Cancer, Leo and Virgo: Ladies, can shine in all its glory

We continue with the discovery of astro style. On the red came “Summer Children”: Cancer, Leo and Virgo and their authentic nature and how it is activated.


Hali Beri Venus in Cancer (Sun in Leo) Photo: Wikipedia / German Marin
Moto Cancer is “I feel.” In addition to fish, it is one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac.

Venus in Cancer is extremely sensitive and caring. The lyric-oriented nature; mother archetype. Was sent to the home and family, who mean a lot to her and instill a sense of security. When she feels vulnerable and wants to protect itself, tends to be drawn into the shell Rakovski.

This position of Venus can have people born under the sign: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo.

You know Venus in Cancer: Vladica Milosavljević (Cancer), Natalie Portman (Gemini), Meryl Streep (Cancer), Halle Berry (Leo), Angelina Jolie (Gemini).


Natalie Portman – Venus in Cancer
(Sun in Gemini)
Photo: Wikipedia / Josh Jensen
Cancer is ruled by the moon. Colors are so popular crustaceans. moon colors, which highlight their sensitive prirodu.Primat takes white.

They very well know how to carry this fight, no matter if it comes to dresses, tops, or pantalone.Izgledaju chic!

Given that the crabs tend to absorb other people’s moods; feeling and energy of the people around you, if not in energy balance, more likely to opt for a gray or silver color in order to protect from external influences.

I prefer the soft, pastel shades, especially pink and sea green.

Cancer rules the chest, and you will often see that the members of this sign (applies to the Ascendant, the position of Venus and the Moon, highlighted signs of cancer in the natal chart) like to wear clothes that will highlight this part of the body, such as dekoltisane dresses or blouses.

Penelope Cruz – Moon in Cancer (Sun in Taurus) Photo: Wikipedia / Tabercil

Women Crabs usually have watery, deep eyes, which are characterized by melancholy look.

The list Rakova there are: Gisele Bindhen (Sun in Cancer), Lady Diana (Sun in Cancer), Liv Tyler (Sun in Cancer), Gwen Stefani (Moon in Cancer), Penelope Cruz (Moon in Cancer), Kate Middleton ( Moon in Cancer), Shakira (Moon in Cancer).


Ana Sofrenović-Venus in Leo

(Sun in Virgo)

Photo: Wikipedia / Šilja

Lions are very creative and very good organizers. The masters of the stage, like to the spotlight focused on them.

Venus in Leo is a gorgeous, passionate, drawing attention to yourself. Temptress, is prone to acting and likes to stand out. She needs to feel that others recognize its quality, and to gain the respect of the people who surround her. Loyal and full of warmth.

This position of Venus can have people born under the sign: Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo and Libra.

You know Venus in Leo: Milena Dravić (Aries), Ana Sofrenović (Capricorn), Lauren Bacall (Virgo), Coco Chanel (Leo), Monica Bellucci (Libra), Marion Kotiare (Libra), Greta Garbo (Aries), Ana Karina ( Virgo), Madonna (Leo), Nicole Kidman (Gemini), Whitney Houston (Leo).


Marion Kotiare – Venus in Leo (the Sun in Libra) Photo: Wikipedia / Studio Harcourt
Lionesses agree warm colors, especially gold. Sun rules Leo, gold is the color of the sun.

Since Leo loves to be the center of attention and can be very theatrical in his performance, it is not surprising that she is a golden color that best fits Lions. She’s highlights and water in the foreground.

Depending on the situation and personal preferences, can choose from a muted color shades, earthy tones-bronze color more intense ocher, via the lighter shades of gold, to deep golden shade and those with luster and glitter.

Charlize Theron – Sun in Leo, Photo: Wikipedia / Peadar O’Sullivan
The “golden lady” who have wholeheartedly accepted this color that expresses their lions nature are: Sandra Bullock (The Sun in Leo), Charlize Theron (Sun in Leo), Jennifer Lopez (Sun in Leo), Halle Berry (Sun in Leo) , Audrey Tautou (sun in Leo).

For the daring ladies, the right choice is a leopard pattern. We must not forget that the Lion of the family of wild cats, but the authentic nature can be expressed through this style.

Ascendentalni Lions (those who are ascendant in Leo) alike know how to carry leopard pattern, and confidently and boldly, so I can not go unnoticed. Some of these are Marilyn Monroe, Kate Moss and Beyonce.

In addition to the gold-colored leopard patterns, Leo expresses its authenticity fantastic and the orange color. From lighter shades to bright orange, which is the right choice for summer and tanned skin. If you prefer to set the standards, and to point out, (which is the feature of Venus in Leo), I would recommend and stockings in this color for autumn and winter, which can be a great fit with wardrobe quieter, darker tones.

Lauren Bacall – Venus in Leo (the Sun in Virgo) Photo: Wikipedia / Liberty Publications
Hair is a trademark of Lviv. They love their hair to put in the foreground. They usually have thick hair. Fits their crown as a fashion accessory.

To further highlight its mačkanstvenu revenues, can be used golden tones of eye shadow and blush in those shades.


Brigitte Bardot – Venus in Virgo (Sun in Libra) Photo: Wikipedia / Mondadori Publishers
One of the most intelligent signs of the zodiac. Analytical, meticulous; no detail escapes her, tends to perfectionism.

Venus in Virgo has high standards when it comes to choosing a romantic partner. Extremely feminine. Partner and friends can always rely on her and she was happy and satisfied that he knows he can comfort them and help them.

Venus in Virgo may have a person born under the sign: Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio.

The emotional nature of the Cancer and fiery Leo, Venus in Virgo bring down to earth. Libra will give more logic and mitigate the intensity of Scorpio.

You know Venus in Virgo: Natasa Tapuskovic (Virgo), Julia Roberts (Scorpio), Sophia Loren (Virgo), Ingrid Bergman (Virgo), Brigitte Bardot (Libra), Catherine Deneuve (Libra), Catherine Zeta-Jones (Libra), Audrey Tautou (Leo), Natalie Wood (Cancer).

Catherine Deneuve – Venus in Virgo (Sun in Libra) Photo: Wikipedia / National General Pictures

Julia Roberts – Venus in Virgo (Sun in Scorpio) Photo: Wikipedia / David Shankbone
Keywords style Device would be natural, gentle, simple and reduced.

Colors that best reflect the nature of the device are earth colors, the colors of the leaves in the fall; muted shades of green and olive green; caramel color and light brown.

They are not foreign to throw some unusual detail-design, which draws attention to the sophisticated way.

The real choices are geometric patterns, stripes or polka dots.

Part of the body which is under the rule of this sign is the stomach.

The largest number of members of this sign (as well as those with a strong Devicom in your natal chart, Venus, Ascendant, Moon) likes to highlight your waist.

When choosing clothes, preferring waisted dresses, coats, jackets.

Ingrid Bergman – Venus in Virgo (Sun in Virgo) Photo:
More often you will see them in a bikini, but in one-piece bathing suit. And if you opt for a one-piece, the emphasis is on the waist.

Due to care about nutrition and prefer healthy life, tend to have subtle waist.

The male members of this sign, as well as those with accented characters Device in your natal chart, “fall” on the part of the female body.