Substances represented by the spiritual perspective-substances that provide!

The interest in the interpretation of dreams, in my early born, because of how I know for sebe- consciously know that I dream and what I dream. Therefore, as a child, I loved to look into sanovnik old grandmother, and how in my dreams were an everyday occurrence, that was very interesting. However, symbols that have appeared in your dreams, and their interpretation of the Dream Book, were seldom matched.

Growing up, I asked for explanations of other people, and then there was no internet in the form in which it exists today, but it was a little harder to come up with some information. It all led me to monitor and analyze their own experiences with dreams. I was not really bothered even now, to come up with some scientific research or expert opinions. I learned in this area to rely on herself.

So, this visitation dreams here in this article is only my opinion, my experience and something that is true for me and the people with whom I had the opportunity to speak on this topic. I will give the division that I categorize, but that does not mean that there are some that occur in other people. So we have:

1. Lucid dreams

These are the most interesting najneinteresantniji or substances whose action can be measured with the best thriller. Here just the mind processes all kinds of thoughts and feelings were harvested, which must be released, and in this way to clean all sorts of mental garbage. Also, here are those substances when it messes with the mind of a lot of thinking, but they are interspersed with great speed, without order or logic. Lucid dreams are the least intensive, but they are difficult to remember. They apply to the most common manifestation of the dream that occurs in almost all people.

2. Substances which provide

We can still call and prophetic dreams. They are those substances which after a while come true in real life. They are like some kind of predictability timeline where the person is located. Almost always indicators are events that are certain to occur in the correct period of time, without being able to change. Often serve to prepare us for what’s next. If a person engaged in a kind of spiritual practice and meditates, dreams often provide for beautiful events, while staying on a low vibration Administration provides insight into the events marked as bad.

3. Substances that speak about our subconscious fears and worries

Although it can be easily reminded of the dreams that predict because they are also colorful, these substances have a more pronounced emotional component. In fact, they exaggerated show of repressed emotions, fears and concerns. The subconscious is trying to serve the conscious mind what it floods, to a person to become aware of what is really bothering and oppressive. And all in order to address the content of which is suppressed.

4. Substances which gives guidance

These substances are common in human and spiritual empath. That’s what I concluded from interviews with people who are not from these stories. In fact, the conscious part of the mind to understand that there are things beyond sensory perception, and is open to allow the Higher leadership to help the channel again. To all those dreams where the person indicates attention to something that works, processes or shows where the decision was made led. Ways in which to receive the guidelines are different from visits to the Angels, to conversations with strangers who advise, even through the messages of loved ones who have crossed the immaterial world … Here are the options really the most varied, but a common bit that, as in those dreams people clearly knows how to receive certain important message.

5. Nightmares

This is a category for which it was created this text, in order to help all those who have a problem with nightmares. My experience with these dreams is very large, so that the best horror film director for my retirement. So, everyone has sometimes a nightmare. People who generally have a sound sleep, or not so open, these substances are very rare and occur only when the reflection of some repressed worries. People who are empathetic and open, nightmares are more pronounced. I came to the conclusion that the people hipersenzibilnije easier snakes kinds of energy nonsense. It is therefore essential for all the empathy and sensitive people to regularly clean energy, and that they spend more time in nature. Strengthening the field of spirituality seems impenetrable aura of various people’s energy inflows (negative thoughts, feelings and intentions of others). With regular spiritual practice and meditation (for Neptune, which is expressed in a weak again) person strengthens and becomes more resistant to the collective consciousness.
P.S. : The trick that you can use when you find yourself in these dreams is a change of focus. Ie. When you find yourself in the grim scene, consciously think of something nice to your favorite fruit, a muffin, a person or a symbol of the Deity (whatever that is for you) and immediately automatically get out of it.

6. Substances in which we walk according to time lines and life (past and future)

Here runs the domain of prophetic dreams. The dreams of past / future lives, a person feels like a split personality. She knows who he is, and that the current identity is slightly suppressed, while the other feels and identity at the time. This is the identity of past life experience (or future) where he has another physical body, which is the normal sleep accepted as their own. Here arises the moment the existence of some more pictures (understanding) of all parties involved people in their sleep. So they feel the thoughts and feelings of other actors.
In these dreams, there are those where you can dream of a parallel reality that did not happen, but it is there as an option. It is more common in empathy and people who are aware that they had a choice, regarding some important life lessons.

7. Substances which are faced with a close souls

For me this is the rarest form of dreams, it does not mean that the other person also applies. In these dreams persona encounters Bilski souls that were linked in life and which had entered into non-straight. The presence of close souls in dreams usually occur immediately after their transition, in order to send a message that there is no place like the end or to be comforted person who suffers from crossing the other. We also these dreams fall into one that receives the lead through messages.
Meetings with close souls can happen with those souls that person has not met in the real world. Some people hipersenzibilniji than others can feel when a close soul mate went into their energy field and thus get a clear knowledge through dreams. Here is added little nuance of prophetic dreams.
In this division there are dreams where we meet with us close souls with whom we are in reality in a kind of separation but we Eneregetska connected. Or, we can meet with those people who we are in reality required to support, and who trentnoj life situation many think of us.

8. Substances from which you can not wake up

Most people do not even know such dreams exist at all. But I met a couple of people that occurred the same thing as me. During sleep, hear and see everything that’s happening around you but you can not move and you’re in some kind of agony, as if you are dying every second while trying to take control of your body. I decided that this is a problem with the mind, because this phenomenon scientists have explained as a kind of paralysis. However, I’ve discovered what made me draw this to say “bag”. If I slept fewer hours than what my body needs to rest and regenerate, or if they slept more than required, then these substances occurred. As if the mind has its own optimum sleep over anyone not working properly. With regular sleep, which for me takes 8.5H employed urban mode or about 6.5 h at room outside urban areas, these substances are almost gone.

Keep in mind that this text originated from my personal experience, as there are a variety of scientific research related to the phases of sleep and their explanation. I hope that someone this information serve as a supplementary understanding.
I would note only that the structure of the substance is changed in proportion to the work itself. It’s like peeling layers that have prevented a clearer view of things. Fear, and the bad phenomena and emotions, they typically occur in dreams when the consciousness of the lower vibrations. Thus, what was once true, not true today. We become brighter, lighter and more aware of the illusion.