SUCH is their character: Zodiac signs do not love anybody and actually have a good reason for it!

They are mostly dissatisfied neighbors who are non-stop complaining about something, people will be on the plane to move away from you and your child under the suspicion that it will cry and disturb others, even those who will deliberately go back to the end of the line even though you have only one question to ask a person who works for example. counter. These people will unfortunately often meet and get to know a lot of times in life, and as such we can identify and by zodiac sign.

One such station because it is very sensitive, and because of the opinion that it will not touch a beginning “to hate everyone around them”, because some environments that forever seeks to reduce the success of that person or because he thinks that everyone take advantage. This happens to many people. You know very well that we astrology can help you find out someone’s way of thinking, but also character and before you speak with us. Thus, in this case.

There are signs that simply do not like a certain group of people, and if you are among them – Find out below …


Bulls do not like people who are too self-confident and full of himself. Confidence and self-love is fine until you start emphasizing things that are “better” than the Taurus. Build ourselves on the fact that you will conquer the Taurus was for them terrible and although you will not say anything – within yourself you will hate.


When they do not feel loved – Crabs hate everything. If his feelings hurt or if people are not interested in going through, to get angry. They are not a sign that easily passes over things, but if they get angry, they will be difficult to prosecute. If you feel that you were mean to them, you will not easily get over it.


Virgo secretly can not stand people who do not behave the way she wants: when you are not serious or in the mood for a party when she can become very angry and sad. Also the same goes for returning things to the city. When they see other people’s ignorance and lack of respect, and came to them to distance themselves from everything and everyone.


It is not true that the Scorpio expect them all to disappoint and fail, but tend to be suspicious of it. No one is innocent until proven guilty at Scorpio in the book. You need to prove that you are worthy of their trust and convince them that it’s okay to let my guard down.

As they are very sensitive, easy to hurt you, and you do not even know you did it. They will keep their anger and get ready for “revenge”. In situations in which Scorpio has reason to be cynical, reaching that point where all the hate.


Capricorn secretly hate people when they call into question their professionalism. They know what they are doing, but also feel that they do not need to follow every step. They are the most reliable and most valuable sign, and they therefore most annoyed monitoring and verification. Most of them irritating sentence: “This is what I would do / la”.


They are very good at accepting people who are like-what they want to anyone in front of them is not converted. Aquarians absolutely can not stand people who pretend. If you can not be like before you Aquarius, they become suspicious and will want to know what you’re hiding.

Also respond poorly when they want to change their “yes”. Suggesting and show Aquarius that is wrong with them leads to nothing, and can lead to strife.