Suggestions for follow-up emotional state during lunar eclipses

Keep in mind that none of emotions such as anger or sadness is not created by itself. At the beginning those are just uncomfortable, accompanied by unpleasant thoughts. What’s more detailed thought, this is a physiological reaction of the body stronger, so we get quite energetic heavy emotion.

What happens in those moments that we want at all costs to get out of this unease that we feel. Panicking because suddenly of a very pleasant situation in which we had the uneasy thought, now we are irritable and tense situation in which we still have the same thoughts, perhaps even uneasy, as they are amplified and spasm in the stomach, chest pain, choking, and the like.

Of course if you go on the road and away from home a lot, you can immediately to create a home, but you need to be gradually returning. So it is with the physiological state of the body, it is not immediately calm down, stress the body is something that we built, for example, 10 minutes active uncomfortable thoughts. Then it is impossible to expect that after only 10 minutes because of our desire to settle down, immediately bring it to a state of peace.

So, our goal is to calm down. If the thoughts are there, but they are, a physiological reaction of the body, after eliciting those responses, they are still there, but we should calm mind, but the body. Think of the calm before reporting any physical reactions, usually either a clear focus on the problem is solvable if or if not, turning thoughts to something else.

As the body is concerned, if you have already found themselves to be physically not feeling well, first of all pay attention to breathing, because in such a situation, stress breathing shallow. If it comes to heart palpitations, try to stop the air a couple of times and exhale rapidly to solve the pressure from the lungs. At this point you need to change the physical position of the body, so get up, walk, crouch, it helps if you can only bend to the floor and relax your head and hands, walk, save room. You can try and lying still and breathing in the direction of hotbeds of physical discomfort, stomach or arm type or the like.

The facts speak in favor of that in stressful situations increases the heart rate and adrenaline, this is a better move. In those moments of thought in your head is likely to prešaltati with topics that caused stress, for example, a topic is work on the subject of maintaining existing levels of stress.

This would mean that instead of still having some thoughts like, not good enough, now you have thought, what is this happening.

The truth is that you know what is happening to you, but you do not want this happening, because something you never expected. So now that you’ve taken some steps to calm the body, soothes now thinks that it will appoint aloud what you are going to, not why. If the answer to the question why, the answer is likely to be, but because you think those thoughts which leads to guilt, which will only intensify things.

Therefore, the answer to the question what. Do you shallow breathing, are you pounding heart, whether you are shaking hands and the like. Avoid conclusions such as shaky hands means I’m crazy. Since this will not help to calm down.

This process takes a calming as well as the process of reaching it, so you do need attention. Caring apparently acts as a spontaneous creative process, but eliminating the result is something like weight loss after 3nedeljnog overeating. Expect also some people skinny slower, and some faster, and that goes for the emotions and the resolution of physiological states of the body. Comparison with others can also make the problem …

If you find it easier to make a list of activities that you will work to eliminate thoughts. Why is this important? Because the brain forgets. If you managed to remember to type of winds from the geography, and you’ll forget what you read. It is important therefore that you always have a reminder.