Sun and Venus are in conjunction in Gemini and in square with Mars in Pisces and Saturn ….. Inkonjukcija North lunar node!

Sun and Venus are in conjunction in Gemini and will be in square to Mars in Pisces. Despite all the kind words, many doubts may remain. Full Moon particularly the axles Goal-Gemini 5 6 (with penumralnim moon eclipse), which keeps the Mars, Neptune, indicates the period of fierce debate on the truth and error. Mercury forms a square at the same time by Chiron. Do not believe everything we hear now, is not I do not believe everything you think! When the Sun 11.6. make a square with Neptune and Mars will be merged with Neptune two days later, the feeling of helplessness can be extended here and there. We will not be discouraged if things do not branch as we expect, or knowingly allow ourselves a short or even a longer stay. Mercury will be retrograde move of 18 6 – 12.7. With the exception of Mars, all the personal planets are now moving backwards through the zodiac – this is the right time to process everything that happened in the last few months. And then a big one solar eclipse in Cancer Solstice 20 and 21. 6. has special significance because it will be just a few hours after the sun enters the constellation Cancer happen eclipse. During that time, many things could become visible that were previously in the dark. This can be a powerful impetus for joint action. However, unrealistic expectations can lead to frustration. It grows up to find a position that is in line with reality during this time. Venus ends its retrograde phase 25.6 and brings a breath of air in the interpersonal realm. Mars enters Aries 28.6 and, after a long phase of hesitation, returning courage. But even now abandoned aggression could be released in a less than friendly manner. All decisions and actions during that time have great weight and long-term effects, because Jupiter and Pluto 30.6. formed its second conjunction in Capricorn. Responsible action in favor of the greater good is necessary. 6.5 .. The sun has entered a wide orb in quadrature with Mars, the aspect will increase to date the exact square footage 7.6.posebno jak will be from 1.6 to 7.6 .. lows and brings on a personal and professional level, giving apathy, lack of motivation, lack of self-confidence , a sense of powerlessness, anger and rage because of the bad situation unfolding gives errors in the procedures, decisions and behavior, poor organization and confusion, the aspect of 7.6. moving the separation mitigate the negative impacts every day more and to 6.7. This negative aspect prolazi..U month we where Venus under the beneficent influence of the communicative sign of Gemini. In life again yearn for the ease, or 13.5. to 25.6. a retrograde step. It might be worth the time to look in more detail the nature of his longing. Unmet needs could tempt us to stay in a passive attitude, whether we feel victims or put constant demands of others, instead of his longing use as a blueprint for actively shaping their own lives. Even if the two planets in May to turn retrograde Saturn 11.5. (29 to 9) and Jupiter 15. 5. (9 to 13). Pluto is more retrograde than 26.4., All three planets that were involved in the events of recent weeks are now moving backwards through the zodiac. Much of what has since happened too fast, must now be carefully considered and correct. It is expected that mutual regret. Mars 13.5. enters the sign of Aries, which, on the one hand, it gives hope that such disputes are conducted with a degree of leniency. On the other hand, can sometimes be difficult to get to the bottom of things. Vague or even covert actions could have repercussions at a later stage. 20 May when the Sun enters Gemini, followed by New Moon in Gemini beneficial exact tigon with Saturn in Aquarius two days later. Mercury forms a conjunction with Venus, and squaring Neptune brings misunderstanding and tension in the love and the material plane. Air Gemini influences are now more strongly emphasized. Ideas are exchanged and there may appear a certain lightness. On the other hand, there could be quite a dilemma and the general tendency to overestimate. However, there is another important manifestation of Gemini – trade – but it is quite possible that it will lift restrictions and trade, mood and love can get a chance to recover and develop again. Inkonjukcija Saturn and North lunar node moves by separation of the weakening asspekta. This is an intense and limiting the heavenly aspect, brings cruelty personal and collective inconsistency with the environment and the surrounding environment. There is a strong need to adapt to the prevailing systems and to create cooperation, perceived coercion, is searching intensively for a way out of isolation. Application or entering, enhancing aspect was up to 18.4. then the exact inkonjukcija a 19.4. Mobile remedy the situation or separation, the separation point of 18.5. Separation exceed 1 degree and to the date of commencement of relaxation and good passing voltage.