SUN IN ASPECTS comparative horoscope-Mutual aspects of the planet

The Sun A person in the positive aspects of the Sun person B (trine, sextile, conjunction)
Absolutely always means good potential for marriage (of course if the Sun in the horoscope is correctly installed). Because in this case the two partners consciously decide to build the future, bringing a lot of energy and positive emotions in a relationship.

Sun in it positive aspects of the Moon
-the most common aspect that happiness among married couples! Especially if we are talking to a man’s and woman’s sun moon, we see here a perfect cosmic balance. That is the best aspect that can occur in the partner horoscope.

Sun in a positive aspect with Mercury
Give a mutual incentive to creativity and great joint plans, the two partners can work together very successfully, and it can easily happen that the city was dating work, school, etc.

Sun in a positive aspect with Venus
Great aspect!

After force immediately after the conjunction of the sun / moon.

Here we find a relationship full of emotion and power, although they may look a bit astonished as you do not live in reality, these partners have great prospects for the future.

Sun in the positive aspects with Mars
The passion and impulsiveness, often with these aspects we meet couples who are suddenly and without thinking, decided to marry.

If the positive is used, the potential of the steam is not measurable.

Sun in a positive aspect with Jupiter
Extremely good aspect, which is about a couple that has a higher level of love.

At the substantive level, we are talking about recognizing the spiritual soul and the formal of large and rapid prosperity.

Sun in a positive aspect to Saturn
Students are rarely found among romantic couples, but it can be of great importance in business cooperation, because one person can protežirati another; in some way to help her to come to rapid or significant success.

Sun in a positive aspect to Uranus
-Does an unusual combination of events and strange circumstances and developments in this pair.

With the combination of all the options are open, and it is difficult to predict what comes next.

Nekonvecionalnost and personal freedom are the only certainty between these two people.

Sun in a positive aspect to Neptune
aspect-often among artists and those who were “discovered”.

These two people have big tasks and important purpose in life, but if it is not detected in time this relationship can stay only at the level of fantasy and illusion.

Sun in a positive aspect to Pluto
-No way is not common among the emotional aspect of doubles, and if found, then there is a strong need to dominate, and that at a formal level, both decimation influential, ego overcomes emotions.

Top is realized between friends, who may not be very close, but constantly there to help each-other in times of crisis.