Sun in Cancer-sun What you talking about? In astrology, the sun symbolizes the essence of the human person, his spirit and the will ….

You are intuitive, emotional, with pronounced inner life. You have a good imagination that gives you inspiration, but it can hurt to understand reality. Do you like the house and the family and consider them first condition for happiness. Worthy you are doing a lot in order to secure his family. Remains tied for parents and children adore. Love is a basic need of your nature, that you give and receive. You kind of phlegmatic temperament and dislikes excessive environmental dynamics. If this happens you become nervous and quarrelsome. If you like history, you want to know a lot about the history of his family, homeland, homeland. Patriotic feelings you inspire. Do you have a sensitive stomach and lungs. Therefore, avoid alcohol, lots of food, despite their good appetite, smoking.