Sun in Cancer-taught us forgiveness like no one else!

They’ll put us blindfolded, just to not fooled heart of what we saw. Gemini will be amazed at such an idea as it is about them the authority of speech, Scorpio suspiciously will not agree to this game, a shooter will rush in and high expectations to miss the point. And all this sun in the water kingdom Cancer wants is to lead us to the source. Source of our being deep, who knows where, languishing and waiting. Mrak us is awesome and sometimes seductive. Mrak us taboo perhaps, and possibly time. Or crustaceans – Twilight homeland, fatherland, familiar place where of all only they have a monopoly. To grow, to flourish. So you enter deeper into the caves like speleologists and archaeologists, they enter into a deeper role as actors and writers, as well as the soul of poets, mystics il ‘as scientists into space – they have more. As little in the world, in the dark, the most successful develop and grow. The larvae and darkened places.

Empate by nature, feeling everyone. And although they will be friends to remind that too help others to be more to save themselves, to stop spending and burn out because other (because of Mars that is here on the decline), and it is simply time to fly out and the role of savior – Cancer will not change because it is there for others. You may only tell the story of how the sorrow of the world too, as a lot of unhappy, and whether you believe it or not, will tell you that between you and a child here in Ghana a strong relationship. And while most of the planets are not ready to feel that connection to Sroda with others like them with the greatest silence – he has to help. That is when you need to be first at the scene of a dangerous situation or drama. And as always, quietly cedes its place to others while retaining for himself the eternal background and the role of the defense, whether it be a patriot or a goalkeeper, the Salvation Army, or whatever.
At your insistence, a reference to psychological texts behold, right here his case read from A to Z, in turn will laugh ask you by all these books, who will be our surgeon and doctor if you all give up the rescue, who will be our guardian , the protector, the great protector in a wide range of institutions and professions such behavior really require? It was to defend the people, animals, nature and the soul of every man for himself, whether it is cleared from itself, or develop dark who towered over her.

And with unusual courage was born. Which does not make war rather than defend. Preserves. Protects. While everyone is sleeping like Batman, until all the wrinkles on the kingdom as John Snow goes on to eternal Night Watch. That’s why I want to work the night shift, while the city sleeps. That’s why I want the nightlife with flickering street lights and neon signs instead of the sun. And there in the sun removed from the parallel world under the cover of darkness he saw everything. Video is memorable characters for which it is worth to be born again, but he had seen the worst strife, drama and shooting video is innocent suffer and rapists to rape. He heard the wages abandoned children and helpless women scream, the sound of glass breaking and a male voice as fear and drunk threatening. Screeching tires and the noise of young people as they write new graffiti on the wall. Rotational emergency and police while the city sleeps, love shining in freedom covered the night sky, in the streets, on the benches in the parks … Video is a world that lives hidden from view, to the morning pohitati in the world as if nothing had happened, and all happened. I love and hate. And justice and injustice. And the truth and a lie. I slap and kiss. And birth and death. I roar and whisper. Everything is absorbed to never forget. Do not hold a grudge as though he considered such, but to recognize. Recognizes the soul. You can hear what you’re talking about non-verbal. He feels your fear or calmness, feel your burden or excitement.

So we tied eyes the next month. To learn to walk on glass. To know where the glass without looking. And to show us that it is possible to keep the love in spite of everything. Have each time more. Emergence and wound healing through the darkness. To teach us that we are most hurt the ones we love the most. And that is love. I do not need her to resist. That love is the most difficult and the easiest to hate. That it is difficult to give and forgive. Will learn to forgive us like no one else. We will not talk about how it’s good for our soul is not eternal life, but it was the only way to save the other from himself. So you just saved someone’s potential offense that he will slip from the lips back. You have saved time the whole world a new scar. Prevent others to be bad versions of ourselves. If you can help – not hinder. If you have to bite, uješćeš yourself, but it’s way through the darkness. This sign is just so constellation dog. I love dogs so Crabs. And they used to bite her soul and then like Dorian Gray saw that all the time, it was their soul. Through the wounds and scars to the greatest love that humanity knows, by that one single source that you took at the beginning of the text – which is called Forgiveness.

A before and after that, you will prepare dinner, pour more wine, and bring to a café or on a raft in the night life that you have heard that it exists but you have not tasted. Or was. And while his eyes are shining in the darkness, they will see how he is happy because you are happy. His fortune is already as big as the universe. When you have someone to love, has it all.
Perhaps after odrecitovati a song Neruda or you convince Šagalovog sketches from life. Maybe it will make you laugh a good imitation, fake seamlessly famous monologue from a movie and you will wonder why he was not an actor. And he wanted to be an actor and boxer and best player, and the painter and poet and musician, and a gigolo and a businessman. I know that whoever you think it is, it’s the same page, which shows while the other sees only himself in the mirror when you looked deep into his eyes. Here is everything that has taken on and what you and the whole world keeps.

The place is actually a start, read the next month poetry. Read on, and the voice is talking like he’s just talking to someone, you learn it by heart, sing and drink wine but more often now than in society itself. Feel the flow of love and life that can be a gentle word.

Known, born under the sign of Cancer:

Nikola Tesla, Leibniz, the Dalai Lama, Meryl Streep, Robin Williams, Tom Hanks, Eva Green, Harrison Ford, Patrick Stewart, Philip Seymour Hoffman, John Cusack, Bill Cosby, Geoffrey Rush, Angelica Houston, Ingmar Bergman, Mel Brooks, Julius Caesar, Alexander the Macedonian, Julian Assange, Gavrilo Princip, Nelson Mandela, Zinedine Zidane, Mike Tyson, Messi, Phelps, Maldini, Cerdan, Carl Lewis, Juan Manuel Fangio in Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Rembrandt, Frida Kahlo, Marc Chagall, Gustav Klimt, Antonio Gaudi, Amedeo Modigliani, Edgar Degas, armani, Carden, Brian May, Carlos Santana, Ian Curtis, 50 cent, Chris Cornell, Jeff Beck, Jack White, Ringo Star, Debbie Harry, Bon Scott, Gustav Mahler, Karl Orff, Vasko Popa, Tin Ujević, Franz Kafka, Ernest Hemingway, Marcel Proust, Herman Hesse, Anna Akhmatova, Miroslav Krleza, Pearl Buck, Richard Bach, Pablo Neruda, EM Remarque, George Orwell, Exupery, Hunter S. Thompson, Jean Cocteau, Amélie Nothomb La Fontaine, Dan Brown