Sun in Gemini – Being committed to life as a game, without pathos and tragedy, without uzvišenstva!

A sign that everybody knows everything and nobody knows anything. These are discussed with the ease that they are quick, curious, witty, talkative with a seriousness that is unreliable and hypocritical. Perhaps no character received so many labels like this. Eventually they would parried in these prejudices Cancer – “njanjavi crybaby” who is actually common in the brave fighting, warlike, bold actions – only people do not know that crabs more than many dams everything you love at the cost of their own victims.

That’s why somewhere for a reason not least of all Gemini horoscope reading, almost of them are not interested in astrology, even the scientific part that is present. Because the superficial. Yes, the Twins are the ones who determine what is superficial and what is not, and not vice versa. They certainly have not superficiality of P, and what you see as “not paid enough” is the lack of ideology and only lack of fanaticism or some passions that made him a servant of any idea or attitude. Therefore, we carefully listen but do not delve because they’re pretty neat while they talk about their plans, they have already seen, and when you do not know enough about some possible obstacles that await you on this mission about which inspired the assembly you deceive and mislead, but you not about will not say a word. Why would you impose your mind, because unlike the Sagittarius who is their opposites and who would certainly give advice, said best-intentioned but no differences pametnjakovićevski when it asks what he thinks Twins have no personal motive to train the village. Gemini wit, insight, understanding, information available to serve himself and only himself. Only then, when it happens that he is so good there you knew something, whether it was some kind of information or knowledge, some experience, skills or gossip – he is truly happy. I then felt like a small figure in a gejmboardu who successfully thanks to the different abilities and overcome obstacles to save yourself.

And you ask them what their mission? What is the meaning of life? Where to see yourself in ten years? Is socialism or capitalism? Whether black or white? All of these are too large to say the interview with Gemini and it will be easy to descend to the earthly dimension in which ideology and incontrovertible views replaces eclectic. So will explain how to learn a lot and meaning found where you would never even think that you will find them. Therefore should be sought everywhere, read everything carefully listen, and peep when you are interested in and even more so when you are not interested because there is Istinič.

But to this was, ego really should be little if not, then at least less of everything that humanity attributed to people as a atriut ka pursued – fame, authority, power, uniqueness, exclusivity and so on. With no need to be any of the following, these masters of eclectic learning from around the world about the world of everyone’s experience of life (which is why they know a lot of anecdotes, trivia and thumbnails of other people’s case), and only later in later years may still awaken the sense or something that looks like the meaning, which boils down to one word – play.
Being committed to life as a game, without pathos and tragedy, without uzvišenstva and spiritual and stay forever young. How else but through young people, primarily their children – because Gemini easily raise and educate. It will never be set too patronizing (unless they have signs of cancer is not somewhere in the natal chart is expressed too much), but then they will be able to hear the voice of reason that it encourages the child to train, rather than too much for themselves bind (as crabs do, not from desire to remain a child forever with them, but because they know directly or as indirectly all the horrors that life 15-lovely-quotes-from-peanuts-7-638nosi and knowing your experience fear that young people would not understand that they can easily cope without them). While the twins, they are born with the fact that their children be trained for life. Be resourceful, to rely on yourself, and most importantly to know how to think. Therefore, they will not play in the table and do not be mad man, but they will be when the time comes and cheat in the game only to assess attention, perception, reaction of a young sprout. I never, never you will not hear about their child mostly just nice. Realistically, what are certainly – will be fair (only what they are) even towards their pets. But as I said, over the years will increasingly be surrounded by young people of the world, professional, family anyway, because youth is emerging as something that is an extension of their youth for which only vow and continue the game, because life to the gameboard, a podium, scenes that are impossible to escape. A youth held curiosity, mobility that is important to them, a willingness to change from that always receive new strength.

The twins who all his life tied to one job – and there are, of course, not happy, but they will manage and will effectively compensate for this stacioniranost that it collapses so it will not move fifteen times, will have more marriages, changed the country, interests, environment, the furniture in the house, look … in najnezgodnijoj variants – not having what to change in your life – Gemini becomes interested in other people’s lives that would not change.

And what’s with the “duplicity” attributed to them. It is true that it may seem hypocritical someone who can start a conversation with anyone, who does not reject people forward until they were heard, but here it is’ and with this, and with those in the company. It is true that it may seem two-faced someone who tells you that he loves you and then when you are in a lurch leave you to fend for themselves. But before you go to them, the question is: are you sure that they know that you are hard? With Gemini must be witnessed. To say. They hint that if something happens in your soul does not dare to ask more waiting to be interviewed spontaneously lead to you may come to them and open them. Therefore, they did not even know that you are down, and all the information that they did not have they will never feel guilty. Your containment will be interpreted as “I do not want to talk about it.” Because he acts like that when something does not want to talk. Just withdraw, sometimes completely disappears and does it for a while to show up with the famous smile and continued discussions on all topics in the world. And while the personal isolation that he does not play, not patetiše, he asks. Guidelines should be in the form of characters more than advice. More travel search nap utu care guru and teacher, as a lifelong learning by itself, does not mean that there is no complete HallofFame characters that respects and who is grateful for the life insights that are meant to him. Do not – meant, because everything is absorbed not remain mere theory, but is transformed into lived practice true.

Therefore, “practice what you preach” is said to be completely the Twin motorcycle. They may only practice what they say, and not doubt what you say or think. They ask themselves constantly and view the world, people, looking for the key and for themselves. Therefore, as a Gemini clients usually those who believe in models. In the template. They like to know how someone got out of a situation? Rejoice them practical tutorials that will readily repeat them if needed. A hole in the pot was invented long ago, hence no need not to be the world remembered as geniuses, who first came up with something – even though their endlessly inventive. Only when he finds himself in a science, as a profession, then it certainly comes into play, because the twins were conceived practitioner of this world. Prior to their domination of the world was passive, people did not move much, either traveling opinions are not exchanged with a variety of themselves, but only with similar which contributed to the stale and thought itself. Therefore, this time in many ways – their. Flexible and dynamic world of information has become important in the meantime, and common sense to price compared to many minds poisoned or blind, ideological or passionate in any way. Eyes open wide to give them something they do not miss a walk this planet. Their day is always dependent on them, and you will rarely hear them (or never) that they broke some day. But what we sometimes forget and they spoil the general taste of life, is that how much important that all this research, motion, and zaprepašćivanju déjà vu – have, have someone with you at any holding hands. Someone who is their relationship with him, that connection is no alternative for joy and play. Because no one enjoys when playing alone.

So every year at this time when we are twins of the sky, eyes open looking for friends, new people, connect with ease, going out in the streets and we have to move more than usual. We ask everyone to sign something that is hidden from obvious which tells us that this is our track. This is our game.