Sun in Gemini Sun-What you talking about? In astrology, the sun symbolizes the essence of the human person, his spirit and the will ….

You are forever a child. You love the dynamics and peaceful life is boring and crazy you. You have a sense of humor, you are frivolous and unreliable. You do not respect social norms and traditions, like novelty and change. Your skill in speech, communication with other people and in business. You are intelligent, easy to learn, and you are very curious, though nervous. All i know all of you but an interest of you and therefore superficial. Do you like social life, friendships, dating. Interestingly, look, you’re cute and the people you love in your company. Follow the fashion trends, a beautiful dress, you are choosy in eating and drinking. Favorable behave, loves to flirt, even if only verbally. More are facing social care family life. The bad side you trachea, tongue, cold shoulders and arms.