Sun in Leo-hierarchy principle. Loyalty is the law!

August is the month that belongs Lavu.Verovatno know that it was named after the emperor who defeated Mark Antony and Cleopatra his sweetheart. The Roman Senate even took one February day (previously was always 29 days) and appended by the summer month (previously it was 30 days) only to be equal to July. Because if July, named after Julius Caesar – reformer of the calendar, called the July and has 31 days, then there is no question that the month in which the ending civil wars, introduces a state order, in which Egypt fall of a Roman Empire triumphs in which the glory of the empire can have less!

And as if this imperial glory accompanies this month, many centuries later. Because the sign of Leo, our ego and the will to power, our ambition and desire for fame, success, and of course, the admiration of others – carries all the talon. Leaves overnight behind those parts of our being that the assistance, privileges, grace. It becomes clear as day, as direct sunlight, which are always passing that cut dark rooms, spread like heat. I want more! Inferiority is at least temporarily deleted and gives us to see how it feels to be superior. Introversion and extroversion gives way but the world suddenly turns their necks in our direction. We are visible, updated for the force which has its stronghold in the ego. In ourselves. In what we are, we are proud of. And more than usual, we are realistic – if you want. Real to look at what is feasible to focus on achievements and do whatever it takes to triumph. Little by little, we will come and to even bigger goals triumph but because Leo would never allow himself to defeat. Not because he can not lose. Ume, he knows well that it is part of life and reality to. But never to give up. The defeat was for him only divert otherwise. He changed the strategy, but no goals.

Therefore, be realistic value that Lav well to assess. At the first meeting he gave a rating of how much you are real, because that’s what he does. Lav estimates. I have nothing against that, and do you rate him as he did everything that represents what is arguably his firm any experience or knowledge. Therefore, know that you will hardly find loopholes and errors. Because no one better than him not see. And when you see them on what to do to them to still be. Make sure you do not hide, because he hates hiding. Therefore proudly carries everything you eat. And when there are significantly more weight, and when he has a speech impediment, and when he has a bad memory before you will draw notes and write down what you do not want to forget and will do everything as if it were the only way this thing works. Therefore, remember and apply! Indeed, it is the impression that lions often leave to others. Impression – we should follow their example, while impressed with their charisma. All can be seen sooner or later Lava wisdom with which he lives. I therefore have nothing against the assessment. Therefore easily accepted and school competitions when young, so it is a lover of sport, so he wants duel, tribune, stadium, stage, all school competitions, post post doctorates, will apluaz, admiration and trophies. Awards and medals. I remember when one of my classmate, Leo in the horoscope, a competition after the leader who just spoke: “First place goes to …” stood in the sight of all the participants and the audience present – though still not uttered her name. Although grew in all the laws of probability is a chance that someone else wins, she confidently stepped forward.

Confidence is a trait with which Leo born, but life can be very hard and difficult to others, because naively assumes that everyone has implanted like him, which of course is not the case.
Assessment of Lava’ll get more for loyalty, a feature without which you can not with him either in work or in love. Not even a cup of coffee. I miss you, will tell you just that. “I made a mistake in assessing your friendships and sad – buckwheat healthy.” And the indecision with him not speaking. As far as the Lions, indecision does not exist. There are just cowards. Courage gave birth to his determination, clear objectives and plans that always made on the basis of their future, never the present. Never out: “What do I need now?” but always’ What would be good to have (I know, I work, where I live)? ” Therefore, it seems that a lot of imagination can it go in neck berries, he wants too. And when you realize all this, then kuluariše who helped him, who has with him, certainly not alone. And what if it is because Lav destined to succeed? The aim of the objective, ambitious and courageous. And of course it is not entirely alone. But he thought about it at the time.

Even in his youth around him was making her pack. The hierarchy principle. Loyalty to the law. In the hierarchy they are all important, all the best. All are unique and in what is a real example. Here, for the same round table sat the richest to those of wealth does not even dream of. Those who are wise superior to those virtuoso practical, believers with unbelievers, engineers and mystics. What connects them is the respect, loyalty, confidence and truly Maher Field they do. And according to them, and to everyone who loves Leo will always behave protectively, though still Lavice little more than a male representative. It all looks like on their young, a typical mother, the ideal parent, caring friend and a good teacher. By the third year, if their children have learned to beware of themselves, to be realistic, not to be stupid and naive. Will teach them to trust themselves, and remain completely honest with yourself. Therefore, if the later years remain their best friend. The lioness is the wife of the hunter who hunts in a masculine way, which could feed three houses not just one family. A woman who almost did not need a man in the middle and the other sensual side that is very passionate. Who falls in love and longs for love desire. This weakness in her dance, act, work, play with children, are inserted to keep the three corporations breath is always a virtue when it comes to love becomes a weak link where he can be handed over to the one who does not deserve it. When you force a flat no. Neither courage, and if he does not have no loyalty is God forbid fraud – he’II disdain him as if he had not been born. Maybe it will stay with him for another ten years, but the intimacy, tenderness and love he will only be able to dream. Shall not for revenge, but out of sincere repulsion at the thought of giving a second chance for such a big deal.

When I’m at odds, Leo will give in if the royal pardon him down here and there and duly apologize to him (in translation – ask for forgiveness), or about a third of chances you will not have a chance to talk to him either as a partner, friend, colleague. Because, as a lioness to not fight with him, with his partner loyalty when one evening last year, someone’s eyes in the dark passions chopping the air from the charge crackled around her? But she wondered … “And then what?” All this passion, unforgettable night – ok, but so what? Because if there is no promising future, if there is no real plan (it would be good if the paper with all eskejp version for emergency situations), then what is the easy surrender? Or, as it was not Leo was tempted a few days ago when his friend all duly insulted and unižavali because it really made impermissible mistake, but instead glanced then at the table where everyone expected him to draw the line and kicks, was restrained preserving all he has to say to the person to whom these words can only be of benefit. At the same time savoring it denied to these petty bourgeois pleasure of gossip. Therefore pronunciation “They drew me into the story, slipped me ..” for it has no power.

Yes, Leo keeps to himself. And that means to your future that still has to be orderly, planned. The chaos is not tolerated. Chaos is simply disgusted. And it happens. Especially the youth. I then saw how lava cones from dealer to dealer, or from one tavern to another, from crime stories to prison. Married his worst enemy if the weather does not make himself a place in the world.
Actor by birth, he knows who he is and always has with him his dream and long-term plan, he will skillfully fake, will receive Nicely damp circuit but will not pull absolutely not a little, and greatly to be entertained. There will be not drunk he did not know for yourself, because consciousness is his castle, and without it does not want to stay. Aware of everything. Myself and everything around me. At the time, knowing what can be obtained from the mother or father. Do not manipulate, not blackmail. Leo asks. Prepared or not, therefore, continues to create your own reality. Get out of the house, or get married or get yourself provided. Do not waste time, because his life belongs to him and that is not the closest will not have the last word. No mother. No children. No husband. Brave enough to dare. And when more and dare to fail. Excited selects a harder time, challenging and previously impassable. The path can be precipitous only if you forget about yourself. Put to him so constantly reminded of what owes itself.

The attention that Leo gives to those he loves the king. Here you are the center of the city. No savings are not skimp on compliments and admiration, ego boosters fired in bursts and never envies. Do not unflattering. If something is wrong, if you suit standing funny if you looked stupid in the company – will tell you without hesitation. Will not you conserve even then, not because their children do not save, so why would you ?! If you notice that because pop culture child wants to sing, omogužiže his best voice instructor with whom no joke. 11822675_933430550042357_7265817095106867674_nPa if you stay until the end then it will be the best bar in this sphere, but if you have no talent – in time to give up the wrong choices and find themselves where they should be. Futility Lav yourself hardest goodbye. The structure of spending time must have its effective implementation in the future.

So now Lava Found in itself. This is the part in us that loves life and ultimately aloud celebrated their triumphs. This is the part that is proud of you. What problem has to be clear, concise, direct. Which is funny, because life is funny. Which performance safe and not look away. Talk about your successes, about his plans, write them down and say. In a word, praise be! Surely everyone among us has something we can be proud of. Do not be hard on yourself only. This is actually the ideal time for the To Do list because August is a real New Year for our ambitions and plans, long-term and short-term. And be proud as if the whole world celebrated your birth. Feel welcome in every room and in every society, free among strangers like you’re in a society that meet daily. Free to make the most of every space and situation that strongly yourself indulge yourself have fun, show yourself! And just as you would any Leo said, do not forget that luck is what happens when preparation that lasted for years get their chance.
In the end, today, as an illustration single out a young and relatively new name, because one hundred percent represents everything that Leo at its maximum and be sure it is good to remember. Jennifer Lawrence. Oscar winner in the twenty-third year, charming and endlessly charismatic lioness, funny and disarmingly frank: