Sun in Leo-sun What you talking about? In astrology, the sun symbolizes the essence of the human person, his spirit and the will ….

You have a need that you are always in the limelight and not a little of that going to do to make it real. Like being showered with compliments that you admire and listen to you. You are dramatic, like a comfortable life, shine, glamor and luxury. In a word, you want the best out of life because you feel that you belong. You have an interesting and dignified person. You have aristocratic behavior, good manners, you are calm, friendly and full attention to the environment. Do you like the suit you managerial jobs, boss, manager, and the like. Dominate and have intrusive character. You love sincerely and passionately. Verni you and loyal partner, but do not suffer from fraud. You have a sensitive heart and cardiovascular organs, problems with blood pressure, spine and nerves.