Sun in Pisces -Less talkative, more prone to silence I chase my view that is lost in the crowd!

Fish began, the beginning of the end of a solar cycle, a solar year. This is the time when we were the wisest. We may not know, because it seems that the days are the same, but in fact we are wiser. Less talkative, more prone to silence I chase my view that is lost in the crowd, or somewhere on the horizon. Exclusion from reality happens easily and seamlessly, we call it “escapism”, but in fact a moment when the man closest to the truth. Who was it that said, when people talked about nothing but the truth, the whole world would be silent. Kinda look like that now. All this talk is back to not complete a single sentence, every thought cunningly led to new questions that have no answers, but here we are again in the silence of the half-thoughts, in the middle of sentences, as if we suddenly lost the will and desire to what we wanted to say share it with others until the end .. did not seem to matter, as it does not matter really. Listening to yourself, breathe, watch inside. Wisdom. How we have changed in this solar cycle? Realistically, astrological, with the fish ends with the solar year and in the two months (March and April) when one ends and the new begins, it typically occurring major changes, events, situations, new people or whatever, it will remain to us still leads in the upcoming solar. Hence, the Fish are important, because religion is the best and perhaps only way to embark on a new one.

Therefore, we are now in Pisces, to find their faith, to hear it, but for that to happen we need to hear the good selves, and turn off a bit from the bustle and noise of the world. This is not the mating period at any sense whatever suggest Mars and Venus, because this is a time when we are masters of solitude. But not lonely, in fact, very happy because we found from themselves. And for the world, for the world we are ready masks. You may disagree and myself while we were with other people, but the moment when we’re alone, there’s something going on deep within us … we’re alone. And we’re good. This is supported and Neptune is the ruler of Aries and located at the very beginning of the sign, along with the sun. Cancel so far all fears, because where there is no fear of religion, reject the expectations, because only the uncertainty of faith, give up big plans because plans – Sun, now secret, and hidden from ourselves.