Sun in Scorpio-sun What you talking about? In astrology, the sun symbolizes the essence of the human person, his spirit and the will ….

You are a strong person in all respects. Do you have highlighted all the characteristics. Fighting you are aggressive, antikonformista. You are very intuitive and sensitive person with strong internal impulses. Your nature is very complex, mystical and unfathomable for your environment. You’re ready to take risks to reach the goal, you have incredible energy, sometimes unnecessarily wasting. In a word, you are a strong person and you no joke. Decent you and outside you can act with restraint, even cold, but you all boiling and seething. Outside you phlegmatic, but within kolerik.Posedujete a magnetic attraction to persons of the other sex, you are passionate and emotional. You have a great need for sex and it is extremely emotional and deep experience. Health problems are the most common reproductive organs, prostate, kidneys.