Sun in Scorpio-This is the time for unacceptable nonchalance, loquacity, softness, relaxation!

As every year, from late October to late November, the sun is in the sign of Scorpio. How far have we got here, but also Saturn and Mercury, the Sun will only join this not so razgovorljivoj team. One look at the way strictly general’s little head down to the sea in the air, from the bottom – only that someone may have stopped the blood in the veins. There is absolutely no smile, I’m cynical, one end of lips as if some mild muscle atrophy in question. When discounts out of the game. Who does not persist in silence, or not God forbid issued markiraćemo reject it as natural selection and forget. Will search will, mental effort than the effort here is not passion, then mental passions expressed a clear focus and concentration sniper seeking a challenge worthy enough satisfaction, friendship requires proof of confidence as in gangster movies when you need something to do first, so you believed. Personality at work, due to Saturn, more than ever, to keep up is not under torture, threats Mercury, do not pay, do not tell. Be silent. Shamanic silent and collect energy in it at one point, summarize and summarize in a nuclear force that keeps the faithful as the last bullet in wartime. Because it is the energy of survival, energy survivor in every Scorpio, and during their period – and in each of us, where he painted faithfully through the house, which is in Scorpio is, planets in Scorpio or the Pluto – and all of them somewhere, we have the horoscope, we all strive for that personality.
This is unacceptable time for nonchalance, loquacity, flexibility, relaxation, brljivost. Errors are now usually expensive to pay, or not pay but opportunities do not come back forever be missing. Because in Scorpio everything can be only one. No second chances. No return of old loves, giving no trust a friend who has betrayed you again. There is no return to the old business is not getting old, it does – because it does not exist anymore. The disintegrated beyond recognition. This is because all the raging rivers only flow that goes on.

But the man himself even when the Scorpio, often does not know this about themselves, rather than just being discovered, and only with years of teaching myself about myself to go on and running. That his current should not depend from anybody. That this “selfishness” is not selfishness, but identity of “the very essence of” the existence of such “samobiće”. We just learned that I’m that and loved ones myself, that the casket of secrets, plans, desire is the strongest and najsamouvereniji when you do not disclose, when not shared, when not talking, when slug in itself power cylinder and appeal its realization. Is consumed rapidly and in a burst that resonates for a long time as an example, he knows that he is, but until that moment, preserves, and other people have no clue. When least expected of him – he comes. When was expected of him, he retreats, sometimes almost disappears.
I often tell pupils that are Scorpio and Pisces the two most demanding characters, which means – it is not difficult to be born in Scorpio, or wear such a river of genes in itself is a major task, not a burden, no accidents, just eat different from everything we are taught in schools , in company. Antisocial in essence, a kind enough to be loved, its double face, his double life, his double nature is present as long as Scorpio able to hear the whisper of some ancestors who prosecuted that does not stop. Do not sit. Stop. The strongest when you’re standing. Do not go, calm yourself. Do not beat the hands, it’s not you. You’re still, like Buddhists, they do not move this week under a tree. For you can not see a trace of restlessness. You’re a deep peace. Do deep peace, which absolutely corresponds peace located in the center of each tornado and tsunami, where everything is calm, and swirls around and threatening crashes. Until he finds his peace, Scorpio is destructive, and then only those that do peace come, as I said – a demanding and difficult it becomes magical, knows that everything he thought could summon, he created quantum science, in order not to invoke the peace was only seemingly “control” the future, this perpetual control freak, but only when you understand that his alliance with the energy only ticket to success. Because he knows that the man is not only mental, physical, spiritual being, but rather the energy.
Wonderful days to focus and concentrate on the right things, valuable things, serious and long-term tasks, detailed work, while the superficiality of communication and easy things to make mistakes, fatigue and wear in the flat to smlaćenosti.
Death was able to see and call it differently. This is because the eternal war that is taking place between good and evil, this is Star Wars and all the epic movies and books about this fight. He knows that evil no good can not be that good without evil can not. And that’s up to him to choose good, respecting death and evil, and thus to respect the enemy worthy of respect because of their force and power, do not take it for granted than well consider with whom he was dealing. How does someone said, probably Bernard Shaw, though I’m not sure, “Friends should stick close, but your enemies closer.”
It is only when you see yourself in life as in a game – where you figure that moves at the levels and with each Meter level gets new strength, new weapons, new quests, new enemies, you will find scorpions movement is still on assignment and promotion, the progress In terms of mood, energy, little things, a lot of work. I was then ready for the dragon, the gigantic undertakings and coping with those who only think you have the power, and the law are not experienced, because she lives in the psychic energy of the soundest faith in eternity, and mythological, rather than genetic origin each one of us.