Sun in Taurus-Nice words, warm heart!

The sun has entered Taurus. The joy of the heart. Revitalisanje throat chakra, and warmth of heart. Nice words, warm heart. If you choose. If you do not insist on penetrating the baptism (Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto). Than in art, creativity, music, healthy rhythm of life by instinct and not far from the anxiety – and what will be given to everyone and yet afforded only to some who do not insist on empowerment anger, revenge, conflict and demonstrating power. Sun’m a serious aspect to Saturn sometime in May, says all other aspects of good while he was in Taurus. First, Neptune already, but still with Pluto, Jupiter, Venus .. revitalize the body. EROS AND HEART, weekend workshop 5 RHYTHMS and body psychotherapy, where you go, and led by Enes, it happens just at the transits of the Sun and Neptune – but the very name of which I believe Enes not considered astrologically, em by the thought of the months before he left from the universe that connects all of the pervasive message that this period gives: what is important. And it is important. Eros, the heart. Hips and rhythm, the pulse of life. But .. that man should have time to deal with them. Try. Strive. Pour in life. In dance, transplanting flowers in healthy cuisine, the beauty of the lens (Venus in Pisces sextile the Sun), Jupiter and Saturn hold peace even in that daily routine that saves service, even in the ashram doing just that, and in every temple, monastery. Every day the same service that elevates the spirit, if there is no free time to create a song. Do not do it again what I write is not from the pragmatic world we mentioned “money,” which is somehow easier man to ishisteriše and clack all to be rushed, even to their own detriment. This is the mission closer than any business, and lofty things that remain forever to remind us of the beauty, laughter, song, green and sound of nature, but only if you get the day started a prayer, forgiveness, love, gift-giving, saving ticks or dedicated, as well as to play – because this is really all a game and the joy of the game. Life as a bicycle, as a game, as the Trust. Naštelujte as soon as possible, I know it is difficult and to some sleepy but to these results, for a spirit does not believe, flying over the rows looking for “concrete”, but what if this is the most concrete age for clear decisions and plans for revitalisanje, healing, pagan pagan and great-archetypal one that I healed and that he possessed invincible physical strength, and whose traces we all carry as a people, what if now on important here – not coincidentally, when the other end of the explosion and chaos . One balance. Thanks. Just right. Everyone chooses. Love dial. Good word. Gold lips – Sun in Taurus, and somewhere to tie the two and a kiss for good. But I know how much should a man that has long been made to himself to focus, this axis as a second stand before beauty, spiritual, divine, truly worthy of all this could like. And nothing to do with the money. Taurus are not just “steam”, please .. there are those who just have a pair, but they will not know how to recognize this, nor experience, nor that their flashes heart, because they saw the world, but nowhere have not learned to rejoice, because it does not teach. It does not. It is only SMEs. Pass the ban, irrational, permits that we have from all around and ancestors and ancestors’ ancestors … Make the altar, put the table in the middle of the house, Sun in Taurus all these altars where they offered gifts, sacrifices, where the game, these are the rituals and the first the oldest shrines. Forest fairies and elves, and if you do not believe in them, ask Icelanders. With them at the gas station will receive a map with plotted points which appear gnomes, where villas and so on … And Tina along with the children telling about the same … and do not forget, the altar of our bodies and beings is the heart and the Holy Spirit is EROS . Listen to this sad heart: