Sun in the scale-When the Sun changes sign – changing our focus!

When the Sun changes sign – changing our focus, perception. So we dock was in Virgo paying attention to detail, everything that should fix it, change it, Dotter to be better, more connected with the body and were able to conclude our emotions if we are anxious and agitated than when we were happy , relaxed. And now, at the beginning of Libra, so the next month, the focus is changing. We are interested in beauty, appearance, balance and harmony with others, cooperation, networking, and search reliance on others to help us (mostly the interview) As to recognize that collectively we are not able to do anything in the world alone. People need other people, and we met them it is necessary to associate, meet, what will happen again if we were seen. So whether we are delivering the intense outings and visits (that have been hanging around in the air and that means we have not found time), and we have opened a virtual account that will introduce us online community – it is certain that it is difficult to remain unnoticed .

Sun in Libra wants to be liked. It is also in self, in a way and really, all of us by now knows that trumps should withdraw, which it is presented, how it occurs, what, with who / what, to get compliments, smile, confirmation, recognition. Seduction is because his specialty. Casually and spontaneous seduction that tickles and intrigues, leaves us in a good mood because we were up against someone’s eyes shine, shine. Učestaće job interviews, so pay attention to public tenders – all Vaga opening now, pogotvoo of 7 October when and Mercury is in this sign. Everything that concerns the ratio of 1 to 1, conversation, dialogue, job interview or first dejta – opens.

Each Sun (at any sign of it) to be the audience, asking for applause and admiration, but while in Libra – it takes just as much admiration partners and all others with whom have some personal interaction, whether business or private. Although the first association for Libra love, actually Vaga as an air sign prefers to talk about love, to read about love, flirting, inhaled and exhaled love about him is spreading as something quite easy and often gives the impression of a person of that sweet stuff called love knows a lot. Therefore, this is the time when words are very important. It is not enough to love or feel loved and I do not say, do not write. Dialogue as a basic need of this sign is now getting its place and that is why this is the right moment to related interview set things right. The Fund, gender equality, equality between partners, shared plans, roads, jobs – are just one of the topics that will be multiplied. Do not forget to share. Libra is the sign that all the parts of the two. At half. What without him make remarks exactly how much space there for yourself and another person. This is the least need of this sign – to be equal (hence you understand the connection of this symbol with justice, or in the arts with symmetry), and ask ourselves how we leave space to another, and how much space you get from each other. Is it the same? Is it fair? This will often sneak head now.

Psychological vocabulary words, Libra is a sign that meets the others. Actually enjoy doing it. That makes others happy by giving them the opportunity to see what they otherwise would not have that taste, hear, favors the other, and when she herself very successful minds and to finance all this support. Life is beautiful, and there are beautiful people, beautiful soul, a beautiful city that can be visited and to which it is possible to get. Hence mediation, menadžerisanje, matchmaking and generally the role of a bridge in žviotu between the two sides. When this is the case, there are no scales that are not merged the two people who were after was married or have developed an excellent job. But she alone in this tremendous joining others often remain long alone. For as the daily dialogue with itself, it is also often related to itself. Little by little becomes a true all onošto wants to be the other side. Especially women Scales. Men have a problem they are often more sensual than the other side if the other side has no patience easily all over frustration.

The emotional focus is on everything that takes us into the world of good cheer, contact with others, elegance, grace, finesse, kindness, beauty – because all these launches sentiment, the feeling of being in love and the world of the senses which now also communicate. If Venus as ruler of Taurus influences the joy and celebration of life abundant, Venus as ruler of Libra affect your closet to throw out worn-out, worn-out things, and replaced with new ones, or to themselves and the world around you bring harmony, beauty. Libra enjoys the scent of anything new except when it comes to books that have the charm and romance of this sign is only if they are old and if the paper is soaked up enough different flavors.

Romantizovaćemo, no doubt. The sun draws us to the world now look at the heart. So do not be surprised if you find yourself talking in verse, to babble more than usual to put sugar in your coffee even though you drink without sugar, watching old romantic movies, more carefully than usual packing gifts, writing letters, carefully assembling the color of their clothes, you are able to get over, because tolerance and parlamentarnost herein password. Because we need is just that – sweetness and a sense of synergy with the world in which we are.