Sun in Virgo-clear and committed, truthful, obedient to yourself and what man is!

Virgo is a being who thinks about other living beings. From dogs and cats and respect for their character by observing the behavior of other people, which in the end always concludes that the animals better than people, and therefore almost mandatory feature Device animals, love animals, the best teachers. Virgo is officious character who looks forward if you can help and serve, in itself still bears some of the medical origins, understanding of nature, which may come to the fore later in life. But in my opinion the most important feature is that they are constantly dealing with people. It can without being observed, he can not help but notice deviations, can not help but suspect because he always suspected their faithful companion.

Suspected helps them about all have their own opinion, but because if the world imposes its own, then at least he can for himself to keep his, not by imposing it to anyone, and not accepting other people easily. They are the best teachers, pedagogues, teachers have horoscopes accented character Device, clear and committed, truthful, obedient to yourself and what man is – to always distinguish good and evil, guided by the principle that separates the animal and raw in the people of the reason that people i did “higher beings” as if only Device prices, and hence with disgust often observe the behavior of other people who resemble more the beast. Lack of culture, rudeness, arrogance, nevaspitanje can not understand, but also capable of the greatest contempt – can not help but love people, and this is his biggest fight. Unable to hate, even less able to judge others. “Who am I to judge” is the starting point, and thus keeps its own purity, almost naive like a child, as much as it is naive towards all intrigue, conspiracy, lies, dishonesty, and this present reality that is often just that. His second question that gets better is “What do I know about it, when I have not experienced,” but again doubt the impregnating my first conclusion, because he knows the Virgin better than any other that man becomes again and again to each new situation, and that no one know what someone or something can be in a man to awaken. Therefore, pray and infinitely grateful for the reason given to him not to be a moral idiot, while around one observes that the difference between good and evil are not learned. Their weak point is shyness due to their diverse talents and gifts, sometimes not even come to the fore as it is not imposed and that the support and the casting of faith in what they have in themselves something they need from an early age. Yes, like the others, but Virgo must learn to what has often been valuable for others and that retention of that for itself and itself contributes to the fact that they’re different – often more extrovert types, and make this world such, abusive, vulgar, brutal, immoral. Although fears of risk, because doubt will in a split second to overcome the action and willingness to change, yet each Virgo bar a couple of times in my life has this for her so quirky twists of fate that show courage worthy of admiration, but that I do not even know how to explain .

For the Virgin is often heard that “hard worker”. In fact, it is the obedience of the Virgin, which is easy when there is a commitment, when the value of which are believed herself and in her work. But when these things are not Virgin becomes anxious, obedient out of fear of existence, like a true slave. Her work is thoughtful, because the intellectual character in question, which makes it all the better for the world as a true citizen of the world suitable. Virgo is made up of education and methodology in pedagogy to the bon ton and manners, she is stoic and like Socrates of Athens with squares. “What you do not want yourself, do not want another” and in this sense is a philosophical character for better civil society.

Another myth of the Virgin that “perfectionist”. Again, it is actually OK and economy. Red is red around her psyche, needs at any time zan where everything is. Cost-effectiveness of the most banal, where a piece of paper to take advantage of gorenjeg right corner, because he hates Arrogance and waste. It gets time-saving material, time, one day it will be taken that will send the computer files by name or music collection in alphabetical order, or any archive, but will still always one click to get to the desired. So it’s not like perfection perfection, but this behavior has to be useful to continue to be their own or society, collective.

When you recognize in this description – on the road is the right man, who by no means be easy in these times. Beware of cynicism that poisons you, even though you sharp mind. Beware of envy – that every Taurus should overcome to thirty, a young envy mixed with justice / injustice to rationalize yourself in their position vindicated. Beware of that, because you each envy instantly makes you feel like a slave, a prisoner, a victim, and with that in itself is not much you can do to get away from the point where you stand, and then usually happens to the Virgin for life surround unsuccessful, you see the same victim. Successful in your case should not have the status successful – which again is petit bourgeois complex, but people who have ideas and intellect managed to create for themselves a life in which the values ​​of respect, like when everything was different and the gentlemen wore hats, a ladies skirts.

The text concludes with a quote from one giant mind and spirit, which was a Virgo. Tolstoy.

“If only more likely to remember that the lost time can not return to the evil done can never be repaired, we’d done more good than harm.”

“People do not spoil your life as much time as you do not do what they should do, how much time they are doing what they should not do.”

“He’s trying to make the argument words are soft and strong evidences! Look to convince opponents rather than his dosadiš. ”

“Do not ever listen to those who speak ill of others, but good on you!”

“Great is the power of the man who knows how to be silent even when he’s right.”

and another, which is so typical because Device great manuelci and Manufakturist hands as things like the most skilled craftsmen: “Give more rest than the language of the hands.” The work of the hands of them often rests from heavy thoughts.