Sun in Virgo-Every man – one seed!

What asks Sun in Virgo … “fallen there some likes and comments, but as something I think that the main motive for this rhetoric of my readers still not fully understood, it is understandable. Because I do not write the end. So, why is it (today) unnatural image of the Sun in Virgo?
Because no one more free agriculture that exists to feed, not to profit. Because the steel silos and machinery, breeding in laboratories and creating new GMO or any god other seeds and plants, cloned and synthetic ispremetale championship in this former idyll. Virgo every meadow. Each plot. You know from the plane when you look but what you see under the thread of the plot, a shade or greener or more golden. The red, the drawing of a man working in the fields creates the Sun in Virgo. And it is this virgin “like clockwork.” Clearly and normatively. Hence its roots, to the hills, from the plains. But sometimes, the sun is a man of the field, a man of peasants, farmers were God. A country .. e, the country was the Goddess. A man at the heart not think that there was any way he could be more important than them. From her that’s all the food, serving, bears, from this hot lump that crumbles under the fingers, from early morning through which the sun’s rays from the Virgin like the path to the ground water from the vast orchards and vineyards that were all his pride, his triumph work, crown, honor, sense. 11900052_947439058641506_8885422059242465866_nOd bread as soft souls who brave to extend the family, which is home to keep warm. And every time the sun entered the Virgin marveled to field work, harvesting, plowing, there would not shine as heavy fruits pitch branches. Yes pritera people in the shade when we’ll take, and when we’re in the shade aj ‘at lunch, and then again back to work. Buckets filled, barns purpose pursuant to serve, so that in a few days with his neighbors together zimnicu start preparing to fill attics and basements.

Autumn is the eternal theme of the composition of school because she wore a medley, a lot of colors and impressions. Yes, autumn is impressive. The bar should be. But here’s the sun, and people long gone from these fields. One of them in the offices where they do not even touch the sun in the month when most need to on the field and outside. One where everything is ripe and ready, and they are still in line at bakeries or restaurants, or give what you give food, just to hurry because I’m not hungry. Many rush. I do not see much as it passes by.
Not even the sun is no longer the pride of the country. This is the pride of man to the ground doing literally what occurred to him. He had forgotten long ago that culture is a word that has its roots in the Latin “colere / culture” which means – grown, processed, and that is primarily confined to the country, but only from Cicero’s spirit, philosophical in man, and now – here’s where we equalized culture and civilization and is completely opposed to nature. I elevate the word that is primarily related to the land. I have many good things of the earth sprung up in dictionaries before we expand their meaning.

A certain irony in autumn happens to you instead of the healthiest in the field of labor and health food – people in September and October are najtananijeg health kilavi, dragged the rows in health – which again is symbolic of the Virgin. Each clinic, a clinic, a general practitioner and a nurse, home pharmacy, and somewhere and house herbalist and phyto-arsenal but fought man against time with nature, technology, chemistry … And in more serious or chronic illness, here we are, where as in novel “the mouth full of earth” suddenly remember herbs and school herbarium. “… from this broad and rough leaves, overgrown with whitish hairs, did not expect any miracle, but it is suddenly desperately wanted to in the meadow, which was obfuscating fluttering colors and overpowering smell, finds all the medicinal herbs which has now been able to remember: ergot, nightshade, monkshood, Tatul, henbane, crocus, digitalis, Gorocvet, mustard, bear grapes, gentian, lily of the valley, Saponaria officinalis, horsetail, puckering, Erect cinquefoil, coltsfoot, St. John’s wort, juniper, yarrow, rabbit thorn chamomile, mullein, thyme, orchid, leafy setting for sweet clover and blueberry. ”

Therefore, the sun in Virgo by little vain, because every movement on the field changes to Udarnička work in offices. Scattered people to their desks and desks in offices. Let call and make offerings. Every man – a seed. In vain, because it seems that we have become a new, modern world where agriculture is OUT and which the laboratory to help if needed, a practice deny all this and run with everyone who has an elixir concocted from herbs.

So .. if we only planted in their Gardening on the patio or backyard a culture, a miracle would happen. From common sense to the natural cycle, from health to re-establish order. Therefore, you should think about it, about a country, of a garden, the local food, the drying herbs. Therefore, make chutney yourself this fall and even the first time. Or tomato juice, ustrebaće when they go Slava days in the winter. Go to the market and buy fresh-picked, skirted a maximum of supermarkets, because sin in September to buy vegetables wrapped in cellophane. Feel the scent of herbs and when it comes to cosmetics, and choose the healthiest self.

The other part of which is also a sign of the Device, and which refers to the utility, the application of the knowledge in the art, the construction, the creation of the world, since the cave drawings, the first map, the port, narandžinih fields, regular liturgija, to the factory-set tape, construction sites, a library, and a library, Customs and workshops – expanding exponentially holy Virgin, a world in which people are constantly worked and created. But this monopoly of land and food, a monopoly is always the sun – as threatening and this growth in quality, and therefore enhances the monopoly of Health (also Sun in Virgo). Well as mean bread and food, without respect to or be so mean that they will not know where to place an almost impossible to build a bridge. Nor will we admire engineer, nor will we stop to read this news just as there are fewer of those who admire his only emerged cherry tomatoes. Nowhere applause, and the Sun in Virgo perhaps more than any of his position since he serves our people maintain the survival and eternal confirmation.