Sun in Virgo-sun What you talking about? In astrology, the sun symbolizes the essence of the human person, his spirit and the will ….

You are too realistic person, to the extent that it becomes a nuisance to you. Do not leave it to the feelings and everything in your life must be based on logic. You are meticulous, red appreciate above all. Intulektualno oriented and you’re a great analyst. Your mind and eye can not miss a single detail, even the smallest trifles. You’re too slow, although you have skilled hands, you’re very precise. The kind you are dealing with other people, but you love to criticize, and that you know you overdo Try to observe the steady rhythm of life and do not like when it is disturbed. Not passionate, even you too restrained. Therefore, the Virgo has the most single men among men and among women the most spinster. Do you have health problems with the digestive organs, nerves, Faults are psychosomatic and neurovegetative. The best medicine you enjoy life.