Sun in Virgo’s time-release and clarifying the relationship caused by jealousy!

The sun entered the sign of Virgo. Here is the will, the strength and identity of the sun reflected in the work, dedication and understanding of the Virgin. It is time for the release and clearance of relations caused by jealousy, rage, anger, pride and pride. Things are loosening up and focus on the practical aspects of life, keeping the right balance in everything, or at least strive to measured and rational assessment of the situation.

Many decisions concerning work, health and money, changing habits, adopting new skills, learning and examination. More emphasis is not on competition, but on maintaining the current, there is no sudden fluctuations and major unrest.

Virgo is the sign of nature, earth and flowers, its greatness lies in the work, consistency, and most patience. Of course, as an earth sign Virgo needs an interest. The main preoccupation of a Device functionality and convenience, as well as compliance and schedule. Person in Virgo is the best feeling when things work out the way she planned or imagined (and possibly some other job, even though they will not be a problem to do it themselves).

Besperkorno doing its job, but demand the same from others. The love is a rational, measured and it seems, sometimes cold just because it does not allow to be surprised. Their reservations represent a fear of losing control over themselves and their emotions, so they are often kept on the sidelines in silence about their problems.

Their pride is reflected in the amount of cargo they can carry, and no one would notice. Therefore, do not like people who constantly complain or who do not have an objective perspective on yourself and familiar. For their mistakes are excuses, often in external circumstances or other people, as they feel that their decisions are well thought out before they were made.

How Virgo rules the planet Mercury, the planet’s young people, education, trade, transport, writers, a number Virgin can be found in the education system, but also economics, marketing, literature, fashion industry, administration. Many educators and critics of the school system were in Virgo, which is the case with Ivan Illich and Maria Montessori.

Virgo is criticized for excessive perfectionism and expectation that others behave so, criticism, detailing, over-analysis, confidence in the abilities of others, the need for everything to give their judgment and not to give up, the need to emotionally distance themselves to decide instead of the other person and what is good for her, excessive confidence in their plans and goals, the need to manage other people’s finances, emotions, lifestyle and behavior and the like. They often attributed to narcissistic personality traits.

Device managed by the digestive system, so it is not uncommon to have a problem with the device weight, indigestion, improper diet or the other side of being too opeterćene nutrition, sports and other types of activities.

Device belong to the earth, changeable sign. Opozit Virgo is the sign of Aries, and the signs that are compatible are Virgo Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Scorpio.