Sun-Neptune conjunction Somebody can find your way, someone can lose life time …..

The same day, the Thursday one aspect exact, but quite different from the previous. Again come to the fore over the energy Aries Sun and Neptune. On Thursday, Sun and Neptune will be in a romantic embrace -konjukcija. Of course it will be different this aspect when it comes to “game” Neptune.

Sun and Neptune 7 * Aries, this aspect is ožemo izgibiti or find in reality or in dreams. One can find his way, someone can lose on the road of life. Someone will hide in the tub with scented bath, someone will get inspired to create, creative and artistic creation. Sensitivity is enhanced. If expectations are unrealistic eto disappointment and confusion ….

With this conjunction you get the urge to forgive themselves and others. The energy level is slightly lower, as if “something” (Neptune) drains your energy (the sun). When so maybe you happen to need to escape from reality and responsibility above all. Someone will flee in dreams and in reality, someone somewhere where it’s nice with this energy that could be somewhere by some water. In any case, make a short break – break !!! The impact of these conjunctions can feel some days before and after the exact match. Meditate, fantazirajte, maštajte, it will not hurt, on the contrary! Listen to good only your music, enjoy with someone by candlelight and incense sticks (Neptune). Visit the places that offer peace and relaxation … go to church or any other temple. Bring your camera (Neptune) ….
And do not forget that with this conjunction Sun / Neptune and love the other, or the first conjunction of Venus / Mars. So be associated to your love life more beautiful and complete. This week is the ideal time to start a new relationship, just so you know if it happens.