Supermesec which brings huge changes in my life …..

Supermesec which brings huge changes in their lives. When in this position, the moon is closest to earth, it is best to be seen, and this is how it affects us.

Occurs when the Moon is in Aries, and it is believed that then moving spiritual healing for all people who deserve it. If you feel depressed and bad, now would it take to stop because Supermesec brings a huge dose of positive energy.

In India it is known as “Sharad Purnima2, and finds it to open the door Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity. Its feminine influence or shakti, will affect the moonshine and cleanse our bodies and increase the flow of well-being in people’s lives. With this full month, according to local belief, perform healing.

It also states that 40 minutes after full Supermesec performances through groz so-called twilight zone “gandanta” that can cause unforeseen shocks that day to encourage a series of unusual events, but everything remains on it because Supermesec brings us a great time!