Surrender to the changes that brings love …..

As much as disconnection was sick with life, it is necessary to continue. When one door closes, another will open our own. That’s what we teach and astrology.

When we observe the sky, we can see that the planets are constantly on the move. Moving allow energy to manifest itself, and thus created life as we know it.

Venus is the planet that talk about love. Looking at her position in the birth chart, we can see how a person experiences love. Looking at the comparative charts, we can see the potential that is in connection can be achieved.

If the horoscope Venus has a square or opposition to Saturn, it is an indication that the relationship is limited in time. Depending on other indicators may be that it comes to an emotional relationship that runs through many lives. And in this life, two people can be in a relationship for many years, but the end is inevitable.

Your love life depends on the aspects and positions of Venus in the natal chart. You should never stifle the love we bear with us, because it can hurt. Love has many faces and each is different.

Love can be very challenging, because it carries a profound lesson. It is exactly the force that brings deep environmental transformation and invaluable lessons. Love can not be possessed, because it means its negation.

Therefore, it is important to understand that the changes in the field of love is actually necessary, however painful they may be. As much as I want to melt in her arms, we must bear in mind that we stand firmly down to earth.

The people that create an emotional connection are not accidentally leaked into our lives. There are conveyed to us a grain of wisdom, and to us to decide how we will use this wisdom. Life is not a product of chance. That’s why you accept different forms of love with which it enters into your life. You can like Sisyphus to do meaningless things will always go back to the beginning, or you can implement bottom of the hill and thus overcome insurmountable obstacles. For you to decide.

Indeed, overcoming obstacles is not easy, and sometimes the solution is before us – although it may not be seen immediately. Sometimes aspects of comparative sign that affect our love life working as a Sisyphean task. I simply do not know which step to take.