SVAĐA TENSION AND TEARS: Romance THESE zodiac signs from the beginning is doomed

The love that everyone wants what the famous “they lived happily ever after” is not just for some couples the Zodiac, they say the stars. Make sure you are in this infamous group.

Some combination of zodiac signs are ideal for friendship, love or some sort of business cooperation. And some simply can not stand – and it would be better to have no connection because they are just waiting for tensions, arguments, tears.

Sagittarius and Taurus

Taurus just can not meet the high expectations of a Sagittarius. While calm Taurus gives all that relationship so quiet and pleasant, Leo is constantly looking for adventure and change. It is unlikely that these two zodiac signs will be happy together. One second will, unfortunately, soon begin to bother.

Virgo and Libra

Between Virgo and Libra, apparently, never shag her spark without which there is no eternal love. They are completely different, and the way of thinking and the principles. Therefore, the fight like no other pair of the Zodiac signs.

Cancer and Aquarius

In theory, these two characters could be a good couple in love, because they are sensitive. However, Leo loves freedom and feels cramped beside Raka who is constantly eager for love and attention.