Taurus / Gemini characteristics of your sign-in combination with the Ascendant, Ascendant (ASTRO)

This is a combination of two very strong characters, essentially different characteristics. Taurus is a sign of passive power, slightly static, but Aries active, explosive, dynamic and aggressive, but the result will not be very much consistent personality. This combination of signs, Taurus, which is deeply rooted in the earth, in the matter, conservative and cautious mentality, fire with fire, Aries, progressive, going and full of faith in yourself.

– Temperament you penetrating, warm, generous, nature and quivering earthly, sensual direct and warm. You are able to turbulent passions, those long maturing, but also one of unbridled, unexpected. At sensual vitality that is constantly manifested. You’re giving up, and taking in equal measure, have enhanced sense of physical joy, love life and its pleasures.

You feel torn between two contradictory rhythm, a dynamic, another slow and at times falls under the influence of one or the other. Therefore, it is difficult to choose between their strong love instinct and their pragmatic essence: you know that at the same time be the reasonable, rational, but also stubborn, impetuous … This is the reason why sometimes you can not synchronize your move: one will prevail blind persistence Bika a second time stubborn Aries. Therefore, you are of crucial importance that you try to confirm the very beginning; i have knowledge of it, believe in their abilities and know how to manipulate others and what we criticize some seriously.

Your power lies in the fact that you manage to reconcile their differences, allowing you to express your outbursts of enthusiasm that a lasting and achievable. Your so to speak, inexhaustible energy, allowing you to verify your will in stubborn pursuit of goals. You are always close to the places where something significant going on, and that you could later serve as a springboard. In any case, we do not lack energy, but we have a weakness that you have an intolerance checking even the slightest loss; missing you a feeling for nuance, you can blindly chase for their goals, sometimes we lack more caution and diplomacy in relations with other people.

Although you are often able to win the sympathy of the environment are in fact belong to those people who are relatively more difficult to create friends. In your appearance often has something that smells of arrogance and self-control – even when you do not want. On the opposition react extremely sensitive, it is your battle tactics often rougher than necessary, so that when you encounter resistance or feel in something prevented, you can react přílišná reckless.

Try to master their sudden explosions of temper. She does not even manifest itself in any way aggressive or will, in any case, prepare a lot of headaches in my life. Often find themselves torn accumulated charge to the outside and inside and they occasionally have to be released, manifest. The reason is that it has a strong inner, emotional life. In other words, often do not allow to show your deep feelings and you tend to repress their emotions …