Taurus is the symbol of nature, the planet and peace …..

Mythology: In order to seduce a beautiful girl of Europe, Zeus turned into a bull. Upon arrival to Crete, Zeus has regained its original appearance.

Modality: Fixed

Element: Earth

Planet Ruler: Venus / Ceres

Harmonious expression: practical, calm, loyal, realistic, hard-working, dedicated

Inharmonious expression: slow, conservative, stubborn, possessive, unimaginative

Archetype: Taurus is the archetype of the revival of mankind. He is the symbol of nature, the planet and peace. The planets in Taurus are persistent and stubborn, do not like change. Taurus is a symbol of power, productivity, fertility, crop.

This position speaks about persistent and persistent people, who rely mostly on their own strength, are worthy, responsible and industrious. Of course, they are very practical, but never doing what they brings no benefit. Very sensual person, usually with some artistic talent and beautiful facial features.

If Venus is very vulnerable natal, can have skin problems, weight, hair, too, and if Venus is well placed then talk about the great voice, and musical talent. Although for further confirmation should look at the rest of the natal chart. These people are consistent and disciplined, are facing a clear goal and are able to work hard to accomplish it.

However, known for its hedonistic nature, so I can not exaggerate and that. Emphasized the senses of taste and smell. Can be corpulent build and have your mouth full, wide neck, nose … They are able to be posesvni and tied to your success, money, looks or anything else they consider their own. Can be very conservative and unwilling to change their own routine for other people. Water is what is visible, tangible and tested.

Top home in Taurus and the position of Venus and Ceres as a natural reflector of this sign say about places where we want to enjoy, to feel peace and share it with others. Bulls tpreljivi and have a sensitive vocal cords.

His shadow is money, possessiveness and the acquisition of material goods solely because it has confidence that his money can only ensure safety. As dirt and fixed sign opposite to a sign of Scorpio, through which the sign of Taurus developing its soul through transformation, shedding material and control over it. Through the sign of Scorpio, Taurus learns how to take risks and to give up material things and routines, learn how to get more leads intuition, how to develop empathy, insight and imagination …

To overcome these fears, it is necessary to implement the features of Scorpio, as the opposite sign and respect the spirituality and life’s mysteries. Taurus as a sign teaches sensuality, respect your body and enjoy the present moment.