Taurus / Libra characteristics of your sign-in combination with the Ascendant, Ascendant (ASTRO)

The combination of these two Venus signs gives you a complex personality structure. In this case, Taurus, the sign of the Earth, gives strength and peace of Libra, which is Air sign, Libra while simultaneously affects Bika its lightness and spontaneity.

Libra – Libra does not have the selective side that has a double Libra, and although it points out certain material aestheticism, it still retains the simplicity of the most common behavioral restraint and taste. Thus is born endowed with a distinct character of artistic feeling and love of beautiful and precious objects, as well as a penchant for flamboyant social life. The influence of Taurus is reduced, for its part, the diversity of connections, or increased tendency for the physical connection. It appears, therefore, increased interest in events in the outside world and sincerely share in the joys and sufferings of the nearby …

– Tactical and you are peaceful, you have a talent for mediation and develop relationships with other people. To really achieve something, you must have a partnership. In all things, and see what is positive and what is negative, but it is difficult to take a stand; therefore act indecisively. You are very sensitive, somewhat quiet and you have quite a lot of charm that makes, among other things, and your honesty.

Socially you are available, but somewhat suspicious, you need time before embarking on a relationship. When you have finished, then your loyalty reliable as your honesty. You are passionate, showing in many cases that have intense emotions and moods, but in you there is more anxiety than to see outside. Otherwise, your very life pulsing, your sensuality associated with the air sensitivity, provide excellent support to your instincts conservation. Usually unconcerned, acting when you initiate a sentimental or aesthetic motives. For you can say that you Dionysian guy in love with beauty, love life …

People with this combination of sign and Ascendant are mainly being full of charm, tenderness, or sometimes have trouble finding victims. Not because they have big appetites, but because they often show indecisive when choosing orientations are impermanent, a great sociability does not allow them to always show others their options. They are too facile, too love the harmonious relationship with the environment (it is understood that with the professional) to accept active (read – aggressive) role that is expected of them, for they know that it must play in order to grant themselves a place in the sun .

Their aggressiveness, which is rarely offends the unscrupulousness or outages simplicity, more true to receptivity, openness, a desire for peace and sympathy. These character traits hardly appropriate conduct some victorious battles in the lap of contemporary society, except in the field of public relations and artistic expression … This combination often seen in artists and people who tend to creative expression. Some of these people show a sense of organization, extraordinary meaning and sense of work and a very great ability to find what is important, to podrpuli creative, of any kind.