Taurus-Love horoscope after decades

The first decade (21.04. – 01.05)
You were born in this period are characterized by a healthy eroticism. They despise each loose connection and do not fall in love easily, but when they are sure of partners and value their feelings. His sensibility and sensuality skillfully cover the natural tranquility.

Married very stable. Children often pay too much attention discarding partners. Their temperament correspond to people born in the second half of April or in August or in Capricorn.

The second decade (02.05. – 11.05)
Girls of this decade have much success in the first love the most because of their femininity. This first experience leaves a mark on the whole of its future sentimental life. Disappointments with her still cause deep pain, it needs time to strike a balance thereafter. In people of this sign is constantly present tendency to love.

Marriage to persons born in Virgo or Capricorn can be very happy. This good relationship temperament can spoil his gratuitous jealousy.

The third decade (12.05. – 20.05)
Abstentions, loyal, reserved, these are the characteristics of people born during this period. They tend to self-pity and have a great need to rely on partners. Although their previous emotional dependence in love at the same time makes them vulnerable and too open. The rational perception of their own needs can help people who are in Virgo, Capricorn or Taurus.