Taurus men-Screen senses!

Map name: Taurus (Taurus)
Map Description: The guard heard
Features: Taurus men are aware that it is necessary to invest effort in everything, even in love. The effort will manifest what is possible tangible and sensual way.

It will not be spending so much on words as on gifts. This is a man of pleasure and sensual pleasures. The happiest is when can the people around him to provide security, protection and comfort. Although emotional, it is not the man of the moment and romance, men’s business Bulls first, then family. And that does not mean his family is not important, but rather because it is; work hard to ensure peace and security.

He likes to plan and is happiest when investing in something that is profitable. This also applies to love, but not so easy to enter into marriage. Slow and unrecognizable aggressive as each bull will achieve all your goals. Tolerant and benevolent as long as it does not put a barrier.

Since partners are expected manners and behavior, so that it will not allow itself to be in a public place conflicts around different beliefs. Will love to keep the main thing, especially if you drink, and then means to listen to him and he does not complain. He loves meeting and nature. Disciplined and stubborn. It does not work at the moment, he waits a moment.

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