Taurus / Scorpio characteristics of your sign-in combination with the Ascendant, Ascendant (ASTRO)

Here they encounter Earth and Water in two rigid expressed signs: large stubbornness, and therefore a great passion. Mastered their sexual aggression and consumed by a great desire for dissipation, sensitive to their instinctive pulsations and wanting to know the simple sensual fulfillment, relatively peaceful but rarely restrained, Taurus – Taurus oscillates between joy and torment of life.

Wedged between the sea and their erotic dreams, in love with nature and tedious anxiety that we should live, to take responsibility for the command of your feelings, I would at the same time to maximize their transit country, to try carnal fruits of existence, the way to intensively live, which is reflected in constant activity, life full of obligations, as all necessary Taurus – Scorpio discharge the surplus of their energy and their feelings in the struggle to overcome difficulties related to the realization of ideas in which he believes, refusing all the time to recognize the imperfections of his body and his weakness as a human being.

Passionate, possessive and jealous it is always concerned about the defense of their material interests and has trouble adjusting to their destructive pulsations. This is explained by the fact that the more primitive, primordial character of Taurus, which is operated by natural affections, unites the complex and restless spirit of Scorpio. These two characters are opposed to each other and yet have in common secret complicity. So, this is a complex and strong personality, often incomprehensible to others, which is experiencing a deep reality.

Only if you manage to resolve its painful internal conflicts, Taurus – Taurus will itself forge a strong personality, a relatively stable, ambitious, and sometimes intolerant and impatient, but often lucid, surveying, critical, ingenious, efficient and persistent (read – stubborn) …

– You know it is not easy, because much of it lies hidden beneath the surface. You are a sensualist with magnetic charm and you have one of the sexiest zodiacal combination. You are full of vigor and vitality, energy spirited, wanting to seduce others to them in a “great battle” to win to them to try out their power. Each receives your message and wherever you are and whatever you do your presence is felt and observed. Often acting as a very peaceful and simple people, but in fact you are a very complicated human being, far more sensitive than the show.

You have a strong will and reserved you are, others Ulivo respect and you tend to perceive things as a whole, to the bottom. You must, however, keep his sometimes sarcastic tongue, which may discourage other people from you. Once you have your foot in life, other foot on “death”, which allows you to enjoy life violently and passionately. But time often risking to destroy ourselves, to reach even some sadomasochistic relationships. You can shake your existence a continuous series of wild rebellion and intractable internal conflicts.

Advice would you have given: pay attention to bad choices in love! Love the disappointment with you is very hard for a long time and remember …