Taurus / Virgo characteristics of your sign-in combination with the Ascendant, Ascendant (ASTRO)

The combination of these two earth signs shape the nature in which prevails above all self-centered, practical sense of a certain lack of concentration that we never allow that to fully meet their own inner selves. Neat and well organized, you are of those who will start the thing completed by the end. Therefore, the prices just the reality of the actual facts, practical ventures and clear situation.

In this connection, your Ascendant Virgo brings his gift of intelligence formed the basis of observation and experience, so that you are not too creative or you are extremely critical, analytical and rational. Therefore, to analyze in detail all the possibilities for practical and tangible implementation.

The complementarity of these two characters country, one fixed, another Variable, usually generates a positive, practical, dignified nature, enchanted stability. Because your pragmatic spirit, has a strong tendency to classification, categorization of objects, creatures and events, as well as a sharp sense of lifestyle flexibility. Affection for the simple things, love of nature, earth, somewhat difficult and aloof character carries you in constant conquering hunger.

Strive for self-control, careful and methodical action and avoidance of adventure. Such behavior you generally stay away from danger and hard knocks, but you might be close to a monotonous life, especially because you do not often show a desire to change. Although, in turn, reduces your sign Taurus coldness and hostility Device using its heat and sensual temperament, dissonance created with you in the field of feelings, which is why you will often suffer disappointment at the emotional level.

The presence of the Sun in the ninth house of the horoscope brings you spiritually, focused and spirited desire and the need to escape from the prison of his body. Because, and you also love life, satisfaction, enjoyment or you some inner voice constantly reminds you to stop in to “add up” to wait that all our impressions accumulate, gathering them to the maximum … that voice with you managed Virgo if you sometimes feel that life passes you without touching you too, know that it is the fault of the impact of your Ascendant.

You must resist the temptation to meet the size and simple happiness. You know your limits, giving themselves psychological and material resources that make quite enjoy a good life, away from excessive ambition and struggle from which you have a little chance to come out victorious. Patient, persistent, voluntary temperament, You are the champion of long-term tasks and regularity.

Fair in its activities and social relations, and such you are in love. Mounted to faithfulness, both in friendship and in love, you are sturdy buddy who you can count on. However, your reservations too sometimes confuses the environment and exposes you, in my youth, outages and prudence. Trouble you often encouraged, but there is a risk that is close to you and avoid other …