Taurus woman-lady with a hat sitting in the garden!

Map name: Taurus (Taurus)
Map Description: The lady in a hat sitting in the garden
Characteristics: She’s strong and knows how to deal with all of life’s adversities. She is persistent and stable. Mentally stronger than many men who passed through her life. Well … just because they passed. Loyal friend and indifferent to the enemies.

Does not show at all costs when it did not like. Tolerant is focused on business and stubborn. It is resistant to flirt partners in a relationship, however, becomes angry when provoked partner when tested her patience. He does not like abstract things even life philosophy, price visible things acquired by their own efforts. He does not like any kind of rush or creating uncomfortable situations in public.

She rarely complains about the problems, supports its partners in everything he does and always has firm support in this regard. What matters to her is to give an impression of themselves that a strong woman who does not allow anything to hurt her.