TELEPATIJA: How to communicate without words? The connection between two people who are physically distant ………

Although not proven, telepathy exists. It is a connection between two people who are physically remote but able to convey their thoughts and feelings to each other.

The word telepathy comes from the Greek words “tele” – the distance and the “path” – feeling. It has been reported many cases that something happened to someone, and that they felt others, including the large geographical distance. These are mostly people who are emotionally close to a person who knowingly or unknowingly transmitted the message.

We all happened, at least once, to think of someone with whom we are not in contact for some time, and that he answer or meet him. It is clear that telepathy expressed the emotions of people. The most convincing example is expressed intuition mother to a child. Science has not defined this phenomenon, but it is undeniable. We have cases where we feel strongly “vibrations” and without a word we know what certain people think of us.

The functions of the brain have not been thoroughly tested. There are still questions that remain unanswered, such as, for example, the phenomenon called “deja vu”. The two hemispheres of the brain appear to be identical, but they are responsible for different commands. The fact is that we use only 30% of the capacity of the brain. What happens to the remaining 70%?

Check own telepathic abilities and try for some time the person for whom you are emotionally attached to a message. Expect an answer.

TEST: Experiment with Zener cards
Five cards marked with different symbols. The person who sends a telepathic message selects the map and its visualization sends a message to a particular person.