Tenderness, passion, MIR … Here’s what each zodiac sign WANTS TO LOVE

Each character has a distinctive attitude towards love. This is what you recommended as astrology signs in expressing the most emotional states for each character.


Rams prefer lovers, partners who are with them openly and directly, and do not like to wait. Impatience and lack of spontaneity they may completely destroy the relationship. Hardest of all, they will fall feeling that partner is hiding something from them. Be direct and tell her what you think Aries.


Tenderness is one of the most important things for Bika. No rude, obscene, distasteful appearance or any roughness. Government bulls heart refinement and sophistication if partner or partner can not be civilized, Taurus over it will not be able to move either to forgive.


Communication is the most important thing if you have twins or a lover or a mistress. Call, send an email or SMS message every day. If you are in constant contact, it can be fatal. Communicate and touch, smell and taste. For twins there is too much spoken word or pillow.


Crabs not only want to be protected, but also that they feel themselves to protect partners. This creates security within which can grow love. Fidelity, protection, and a complete sense of security in the arms of a loved one is the most pleasant feeling for cancer.


Leo needs to feel uninhibited and free to be able to be gentle, honest and especially playful. Imagine the young lions to play and roll together. Lions Children’s playfulness is important. Consequently, passion, and she then elsewhere.


Sincere kindness – that’s what should be a virgin. Their partner or partner must show kindness and willingness to help. When they see a person they love that is gentle to the weaker, younger, disabled people or animals, it will surely win their hearts.


The world may be missing peace and harmony, but it is what Libra necessarily be in life. Their partner or partner must be flexible and less real problems. Scales highly appreciate every attempt and effort and then forgive any mistakes.


Without sincerity and honesty of Scorpio feel hollow, empty and betrayed. Fantastic sex is also something that is very important, and that can be saved by that secret and do not honk around everything about yourself. That’s all the way, the most important to them is open and honest relationship.


The shooter must be especially generous. Give and receive is of the highest priorities of their position in this regard. Here there is also a public aspect, as partner or partnerika must accept their occasional desire to be the center of attention. And that, good sex is also one of the giving and receiving.


Esteem, work ethic, and the opposite of laziness keeps the goat in life and warms his heart. Love and emotional commitment are also part of this work ethic and go hand in hand. I do not take it for granted. Too much praise can also be experienced as something offensive.


The excitement and experimentation Aquarians are very important in a relationship and life in general, but the number one fairness and openness to new ideas. Potty partner with them no chance. Also, you do not have to agree with all their ideas, but it will not hurt.


Fish are the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, and in every respect. Constantly insulting their sense will bring nothing good. They need someone who is open and sensitive, and it knows how to express himself. They also need someone who will be comforted if you cry.