The aspect of Mars and Neptune and Mars and Jupiter-True or false – that is the question!

Astrology and psychology is very much intertwined. When interpreting a natal chart of a person, interpreted forms or aspects that set the foundations for the person and her character. If someone has an aspect that indicates excessive courage, this person has in himself the need to leave the framework of security, this person likes jobs that are daredevil, dynamic and perhaps a little dangerous, loves adventure, extreme sports, risk and speed … and that’s a profile personalities who have expressed the male principle (though perhaps a woman), which in genetics or family has a rebel, inspector, spy, someone who had planned to campaign in the army, firefighter, stuntmen and ancestors that went more heart than the mind in action. The person is now given such a trait, but she will always heart to go into all the activities, relationships, and health can easily be struggling with stress, impatience, who had the most by people who can not follow her, and may have heart problems or some authority who is the weakest, and who will take care of all the emotions that people like fire swirls inside and kneel in front of a huge internal energy, all from a desire to fight for a higher purpose or plan for themselves once or now planned. These people are called in psychology kolerici and the horoscope is dominated by fire signs, Mars and Jupiter in one aspect, expressed sign of Sagittarius, and so on. Perhaps behind all need to examine our own borders or the fight for a new truth or justice.

We’re going to meet these days in the aspect of Mars and Neptune (the square in question) and Mars and Jupiter (the opposition). Up until then, and after a while Mars emerges from the point of view and with one and the other planets (Mars enters the sign of Cancer) we can feel the impact of these aspects, which are note strained on their skin, and zodiac signs involved potkrepuljuju story and events that these aspects nose.

What happens in the sky, stars and planets what they want to tell us these days, when we serve a very strong symbolic setting of these three planets in the signs bearing the indications of the same story?

These are a lie and the truth. It is dynamic in that we can be involved in the coming days, and in front of us may emerge some characters that you might have not even met in my life, but if you have any contact these planets or signs (ie these are three variable signs Gemini, Virgo and Pisces ) it is very possible that you will face or the inner or outer level of the subject, people or situations – and ask what is a lie and what is the truth and where the line ie. whether there is a boundary between them.

There are signs in astrology that people can provide features to quickly change their minds or have a need to say something, to build intrigue. With them is still somewhat unclear, vague, secret or simply like to talk a lot, promise and not fulfill the same or a particular lie. However, when we say that someone is lying, because every story has two sides always, we are always in relationship with someone and still one of the parties has its own story of the coin and the other his. If we are in relation to one, and we ourselves have, from time to time and the need to lie to yourself. What is behind such needs. Often in psychology refers to the defense mechanisms, and to some heavy emotion or event Provare easier to forgive myself for some fault or someone else’s, we resort that would not be directly emotionally injured, lying to myself for a while. We say that this is not so, but in my head called their creation story, and we find it easier to wear for some time RUSICA glasses that had somehow smoother transition from harsh reality into reality. Although, unconsciously, deep down we know what we are doing and what is the real truth. Zodiac signs are more inclined to be reticent about something, get secrets (such as fish) or to exaggerate something and exaggerating in some explains so use more imagination than they should (Sagittarius) and especially a lot of talk, but of the sum word formed deserts thoughts and works (Gemini) have just activated the sky planets make among themselves these days and tense aspects.

Getting back to the story of the beginning of the text. Mars and Jupiter in the game but now the planet Neptune, which brings still unclear where it appears (Neptune god of the sea, mist and smoke!), Often in these combinations, when someone wants to be brave in action, or in some euphoric emotions and under strong adrenaline, can bring sudden disruption, confusion and distress. We can get in some events where you can not see clearly the place where nothing is concretized, where our story say halfway, we do not know the other side of what you enter. It is possible that various actions are not fully implemented because we lack the energy (again often this combination yields increased need for alcohol, opiates and resorting to other modern products that we somehow kept away from the truth). The combination of planets and aspects in heaven sends us the task to deal with what or who we exhaust energy when not fulfilling its part of the obligations once more to the story than love or just when you lying to us … However, these three planets are moving away from each other, this must change interesovavanja topics and the focus will be from then on something else, or people who have natal related this planet, have often, in the absence of such a strong activation of the sky, dealing with such issues or situations in everyday life.

Everything comes from us, and inner conflict that we received our birth needs to be awakened, and then to solve. If someone has an aspect in the birth chart which tells about a lie or a secret, she was taken from the past. In family or genetic tree there must have been some secret that people do not know. And that’s troubling. Often in reality she meets people who are not clear, that’s always a promise, especially in relationships, when people suddenly disappear from her life and never occur, and people suffer. But the primal desire and duty of this person is to find the truth or to reveal the secret that she carries in her genes in her family. To get rid of the lies that ails. Neptune in the birth chart describes all the secrets of how family and personal, so if it is a planet that is a personal activity in aspect with Neptune, likely that the person has a lack of clarity about themselves, their origin or relationship in life and therefore feels that there live your life at full capacity, but is caught in a web of false, strange relationships or situations that may be considered events with strange circumstances. Do not these days that fall under this influence, although it is very difficult, because Neptune rules the seas, and the only place where the sun, its purity and the rays can not reach the bottom of the sea administration. Do not trust these days is not too much to others but not himself. Do not drink too much or getting drunk, because it is a way that allows the eye is closing thicker curtain. Do not go into dangerous actions, it will not be the happiest outcome, do not gamble too much, especially in the relationship because very easily and naively you lose something that is worthwhile for you! Although it is a fine line between what is true and what is not, there are still police the universe which reveals a universal truth, the only question is whether you want to see and whether you are ready for the truth. Makar was sick.