The basic rules of feng shui for a better life: The location is crucial positive energy in your home!

There are four basic things in feng shui in which you need to understand and consider how to identify a location with positive energy and edit it properly. These are: exterior, interior, occupants, and current time.


It goes closer and wider environment. In it we are looking for and analyze natural forms like mountains, hills and hills, rivers and waterways. Then forms such as trails, access roads, neighboring houses and buildings, to determine the quality of Qi in a particular location. Qi, resulting in the mountains and gather around the water travels through the space between the houses and buildings on it can have a positive or negative influence. If Qi is absent or on substandard, no landscaping that can not be replaced, so this is the most important factor in the feng shui-in.

It is understood form, main line, line seating layout and the main entrance. To get positive energy from the exterior of the benefits to tenants at home, it must be so arranged that in the best possible way draws Qi and distributes it inside. The movement of Qi should be easy.

Family members, their gender, date of birth and compatibility with the property. One property can have the opposite effect on individual tenants, so be careful count and apply the formula in the arrangement in order to provide for every individual maximum favorable Qi.

Tok weather
Talk about changing the quality of Qi within a certain area in a certain period of time. Neither property has absolutely positive or absolutely negative Qi, but the impact of qi and changes over time, so we can determine which are the most likely events in the lives of individuals in a certain area and a certain time. This gives us the ability to timely prepare, mitigate, or avoid unwanted effects.