The biggest Lobnica: Woe to you if your mother-in this zodiac sign

Of course, this text is above all necessary to make you laugh and have fun, but do not say nothing that in every joke has the truth.

Aries. He was always on the go and loves to command. When looking at his wife and children in red where you come in, and there is no help. The only thing you can do is to not pay attention to her remarks, or, better yet, do not let her be the last. No podvijajte tail, look her in the eye, and if things get out of hand, just in case you buy a helmet.

Taurus. It will be regularly around you knit an invisible grid, from which you will not easily extricate. Pusher nose into everything. Advise you about food, clothing, money, and by God, and about sex. We’ll tell you that he loves all that love you, and then, behind your back, you do not have to talk about taste. It is incredibly stubborn and not giving an inch.

Gemini. This woman has a big mouth that each can “expel from the mind.” The first is cleverly hidden, shoot it, you ahead of vulnerabilities and then attack. Pound the table on the clock, use the most graphic terms, and stirred in absolutely every aspect of your life. From it you will never get advice on how to clean and store, cook or wash. New chores are not interested, so there does not want to talk to you.

Cancer. Under the gentle maternal image lies in one of the worst-law of the zodiac. With it’s really no joke. Where it struck, this grass does not grow. But nobody did not burn until dawn. Dohakaćete her if she gets under your skin and winning their trust. When this fails, you are doing on their own.

Lion. Forget about democracy and human rights. Not Strasbourg does not help. This is not pie, this ordering. Gura after his rather reckless at anyone, let alone a lass out there. But she does not like to be mean, but she’s a Leo. When one grabs you by the throat, you shut down. That’s why she initially show your teeth. It is anything but stupid is not the only thing the price is a worthy opponent.

Virgo. This is a meticulous, obsessive and well-bred-in-law, but if you after a week of living together certainly hurt the head. Fortunately, discreet, and not pry into your things. But when the assessment that we should interfere, drink your blood through a straw, all the way nice and discreet. The only cure against her emigration to New Zealand, for example.

Vaga. She is one of the finest, and najperfidnijih-law in the Zodiac. She always dressed up when the exhibition. The entire pension is spent on cosmetics, but will also fleshed constantly criticize you are not neat enough. The best weapon against it is ignorance. Do not pay attention to her new shoes and pretend you did not notice that he has a new hairstyle.

Scorpio. With her is not easy to understand. At the moment it is gentle and sincere willing to help, then there need to demolish everything in sight. Will spare no son of his own, let alone you, that you are not her nothing. With it you can be either friend or foe, but we advise you to choose the former, otherwise you will lose all the battles.

Sagittarius. Ume endlessly recounting the adventures of the neighborhood. Fortunately, he can stop when you need to. The woman respect other people’s freedom. Never was avoided because you will certainly find it. With it, without having to leave the contest. When you see that there may be a conflict, you tell her some nice greasy gossip, and it will be like a bug.

Capricorn. In front of you is strong, tough and tenacious opponent. You will hardly find her weak point. When your life is really needed help, she will be there for you. But do not think you can make the most of it. She is wise and knows what you’re up before i make the move. If you want to defeat it, is upset. Tell her she looks bad, it’s good to shake.

Aquarius. Unusual, cheerful Svekrvice. It is more interested in problems than what South African squirrel will eat tomorrow. Do not disturb her and your relationship will be great. If you want to put it away from you, opt for some form of Cold War because of force against it will not do anything.

Fish. When at home you have a mother-in Pisces, then you can say that you are a dangerous nagrabusili. He’s so spoiled by his son that he will now, as a grown man, you want to cherish as his respected mother. So if you share her living space, you’ll need to become a copy.