The capital’s zodiac sign: Born advises where to Belgrade to celebrate the New Year!

Find out where you are waiting for the most beautiful time to welcome the year 2021 – based on date of birth!

Getting close to the famous 31. December, and you still do not know where you going? Society is divided, one will be on one side, the other on the other, your loved one is undecided, but is not nothing you not understand? As for all, astrologers, and they have a solution.

In fact, your birth date can easily help you in making this serious and important decisions. See where your horoscope suggests to celebrate the New Year!

March 21 to April 20 – Avala

Are you Eve Avala Tower will be open, but that does not mean you can not wait for the New Year at the Belgrade mountain. Warm clothing, a blanket, a thermos with hot chocolate or mulled wine (provided that the driver does not drink, of course), and walk a circle around the monument of the Unknown Soldier. Even there you can see a panorama of Belgrade and many fireworks, and the nature of this Belgrade beauty will make more romantic welcome – for you as soon as i crave.

21 April to 21 May – Zemun

You love home and family, or horoscope suggests you to celebrate the New Year outside the warmth of your home. Your artistic soul who likes to see, touch and feel the most will enjoy the Zemun quay. Whether you celebrate the midnight walks along the river or tucked in one of the restaurants, scenery of this part of Belgrade will enhance you the beginning of 2017.

May 21 to June 21 – Dorćol

You are full of energy and quickly change your mind. Tireless you, fun and social, so you can enjoy them in the areas where the crowd. You know that you will be in charge of this team and it feels good. You love luxury and to show its elegance, and is therefore one of the extensions in the famous street Strahinjića Bana perfect venue for your reception NG!

22. jun – 22. July – Dušanovac

Vama, unfortunately, does not bode well. Your sensitivity and tendency to drink will cause the New Year welcomed with the boys in blue. Ljermontova direction and sobering … No, it’s not so bad. It is said that even gave birth to a beautiful acquaintance, friendship and love – and you might be in the police station, something happens fate of!

23. July – 23. August – Dedinje

You are graceful, independent, shrewd and positive. You lust for power and luxury, and your sex desire is unlimited. The stars therefore believe that you, wherever you find yourself on arrival, meet someone who will take you to his mansion in the prestigious “Dedinbergu” and New’ll wait for the red-hot beneath sheets.

August 24 – 23. September – Senjak

As your zodiac predecessor, love elegance. Therefore, Senjak right place for your craziest night. You are substantive and practical, but often amorous. Walk with your loved one at Topcider or Kosutnjak park (if you are not afraid of the dark) can be an interesting experience.

Septembar 24. – 23. October – Terazije

You are a social, but not like crowds. You’re good, pleasant, somewhat impulsive. Just that your properties will lead to the last minute you sit in a cab and sail off into the city center. I’ll move from mass to greet the New Year concert in the city and probe into a pampered extension or you take a deep breath spirit of Belgrade in the park Terazijska terrace.

Oktobar 24. – 22. November – Vračar

You are sensitive, sensual and sexual. Constantly you are contradictory and many believe that you have bad luck, but that’s just your mask. Bohemian soul like you should welcome the New Year in Cubura, to feel the presence of the legends in Belgrade who are gone. Imagine that you are in the company of Moma Kapor, Bogdan Tirnanić or oil Ivanjicki and order muzikantų song that will expose the heart.

Novemar 23 – 21. December – Konjarnik

You like challenges and do not accept the seriousness of life. Your eccentricity will succeed at the last minute to get you to the top floor of the East Gate of Belgrade, and you walk 2016 looking at your city from a height.

December 22 to January 20 – Centar

You are reclusive, distrustful and resourceful. You’re a good friend and patient you are, so you have the nerve to gather around him and the team to its 31. decembar spend on Ada Ciganlija. Whether you’re walking around the lake and welcome the New Year in one of the popular bars, Belgrade sea will brighten end of the year.

January 21 to February 19 – Novi Beograd

Bordered by rivers this growing modern part of Belgrade suits your visionary. You are communicative, independent and unpredictable, but we would not hear to spend the end of 2016, walking the pier or by going to the last moment to walk some of the rafts.

February 20 to March 20 – Palilula

You are creative, romantic, emotional and captivating. For this is your New Year’s Eve created some of the seafood restaurants around the Pancevo bridge. Warm atmosphere, nice music and excellent food will perfectly agree with your fascinantnošću.