The conjunction of Venus and Chiron in Pisces-meaning and interpretation

Venus is exalted in Pisces and of course delighted in all the segments related to love, enjoy, connect with others. In this sign, Venus is too naive, no clock is not diplomacy, for her unconditional love that weight does not allow anyone to establish a superficial relationship. Venus on 22º Pisces located in Mars dates of your face which enhances the operation of the Mars Venus itself why it can be prone to manipulation, lies, secrets, the role of the victim, and which brings Mars, which is set at 27º Pisces.

Chiron in Pisces conjunct Venus represented a sacrifice for love or for love. However, the problem with the fish often prefer to enjoy the role of the victim and that it is very difficult to leave your ego, although generally have the most ability and awareness to understand the concept of spirituality and ways of overcoming the ego. So Chiron conjunct Venus gives spirituality, but through forgiveness, through the renunciation of self-interest, through selfless giving and help to those who really need it.

This conjunction of means connecting several things ie. the need to implement its experience only what is useful for their own development, and to the rest of matte or reconsider. Fish also refer to secrets, but with Chiron in Pisces discover the secrets that others are hiding from us or we find ourselves to others, we become so vulnerable, but also willing to love. How it comes to contact with Venus, then we’ll deeper, more spiritual and more refined insights have in relation with the people you love, whether it be family or our partners.

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