The dark side of each sign: Aries boredom lenses gross way

How character reacts as expressed anger, how angry and you forgive.


Rams can easily become angry and aggressive. Every Aries is aware that it would greatly help if you learn to control anger. If you intend to embark on a romance with these hotheads, be sure you know to represent their own interests. In addition, you’ll need to make sure to be interesting, because boredom lenses argument.


I secretly yearn for security. The great hedonists. The feeling of insecurity makes them collectors of money and material things. Fortunately, they are very sensitive and can detect security that stems from their belief in themselves, and not from material goods.


The twins are hidden schizophrenics. They have a split personality, you will never be entirely sure which of them spend time. In addition, to themselves as “Devil’s Advocate” because you never know how and what to choose. Each milestone on their way to confuse them.


Crabs are big whiners. The watermarks are exclusively engaged in fulfilling their emotional needs, which is a cause of great uncertainty. Besides being payable, know how to behave like a leech to a partner, bored and need to be constantly assured in their own value. Therefore, the phone rings and more often than you’d like. To avoid this, leave them that they care about you or they buy a dog.


Their lies are harmless, and the stories they tell have to accept with reserve. Leo likes to exaggerate and change the sequence of events that would makes things more glamorous and exciting. In addition, they like to brag, but this is a characteristic over which they have no control. Therefore, “we help” their ego, relax and enjoy. With them is never boring.


Virgo is never satisfied. Members of this sign believe that nothing is ever good enough. Aiming perfection can not mitigate. In addition to perfectionism, their mana you analyze every, even the smallest details. Therefore, their criticisms do not take for granted.


Libra always looks as if he could not wait to become your lover, but it can be attractive to the opposite side. The reason for their behavior is that they like to be in a relationship, but at the same time have a problem with binding because “the grass is always greener somewhere else.” What’s worse, you will never be sure that something is wrong because of this innate diplomats mixture and when inside the statues. Scales are passive aggressors who also captivate charm and beauty.


Secret Scorpio is that they have a lot of secrets that you will never find out. They love their privacy. But the more open, Scorpio will feel safer and I will start to open. Prying into their affairs was not going to help you to find out what he’s up and what his plans are. Scorpio are extremely jealous partner flirting hard to bear, and do not forget, and never forgive the deception, but broken as soon as they find out.


Shooters do not hide anything about himself. They are an open book and honest with pain. Sometimes because of these characteristics can not do that without a clock. When they do not like something, we often bury their head in the sand and thus be protected. Often behave as selfish and irresponsible beings.


Jarčeve sometimes perceived as persons icy hearts, but they secretly very worried about what we think about them. In order to achieve their desires, they are ready to work hard and will rarely let you know how they were able to accomplish what you planned. Rarely wig, though these are serious people. They belong to demanding partners.


They love humanity, but do not like people. They are a bit snobby, but it’s hiding, they behave just as they imagined themselves to be. Out of habit, say “no”, do not expect to be happy if you try to capture them. Aquarius ruled by Uranus, which makes them born rebels. If you start an affair with Aquarius, they know that, in addition to your own, do not function according to which no other rules.


It often happens that Fish fail to achieve harmony of spiritual and physical. More than other representatives of the zodiac, Pisces are prone to running away. Also, it often happens that they are dependent, either on food, books, television, drugs, sex. Highly sensitive people, prone to art. Fidelity partner find it difficult to fall, since it requires complete fidelity, and are themselves unbelievers when given the opportunity. Own fault easily forgiven.