The dark side of your Star Sign: Pisces selfish, aggressive Libra, and Capricorn …

Many articles are written to help people better understand the characteristics of zodiac signs. Most of the discussion about the positive traits of each sign, or wherever there is good, there is also the bad.

Not being able to experience the cold that we experienced the heat. You would not recognize the love that we have never experienced hatred. So there are conflicting traits in each of the astrological signs.

Just as we talk about the positive characteristics of each character, it is necessary to speak and about their negative characteristics. Consider some heavy features, but in the spirit of fun.


– selfish

– Bad planner

– testy

Since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, people born under the astrological sign of Aries baby. This is why it is important that they always talk about themselves. You can also die, and your friend Aries will still only continue to talk about himself, not noticing that you have a problem. He focused on himself and does not listen to other people when they speak.

Do not be surprised when you ask his opinion regarding one of your major dilemma, but he will only looked pale. Aries does not understand the concept of careful thought, so you never plan ahead.

Aries says everything on his mind; they just hatched things before they even consider. They know that they have strong outbursts of anger. Often they can not figure out what was wrong with you and why you are upset because of them. Aries thinks he’s always right.


– lazy

– stubborn

– passive-aggressive

Taurus usually likes to take every day for a long time resting in the shade under a beautiful tree. So, your friend Taurus is lazy and his wish that inspired the least possible work. If his work can be performed by someone else, that’s even better. Taurus likes to do all in their own way and will not budge one bit. He’s stubborn as a mule.

But since his gentle Venus ruler, he will perform so sweet that nothing you will not be aware of. And if you do not want to do a certain thing, be prepared for a passive – aggressive approach. They are masters at it. Taurus will act very kind, calm you will be smiling and gently still will not do what you should do.

Taurus has a great love of beauty, art, music and the opposite sex. But he also has a tendency to try to ignore the harsher realities of life – and guess who is facing him? You. Because you are so good at what what already is good. Look, I said I would try to charm you.


– He can not keep secrets

– Variable

– flighty

Twin likes very much to witness. If you have a secret, do not tell, unless you want the world to know. The twin has a quick mind and thoughts and talk about multiple topics at a time. It can be confusing to other people who are listening, because it is difficult to be sure when the topic story. It can be very difficult to follow, and he will not mind if I have a problem with that.

Didymus is usually done in a hurry and things quickly. That’s why sometimes there is anxiety in the stomach and headaches, because too many things at once like.

Also, keep in mind that sometimes does not object to the testimony of the white lies, in the case to find out how he told your secret or you accidentally told the wrong thing and does not want to take responsibility for it. Gemini can be changeable and superficial.


– He always needs someone or something

– Sensitive to criticism

– The grievance

It was only 18:00, but your friend Cancer is already the mother heard five times. Get used to it, or turn the mother in several of its activities. It’s easier that way. Cancer is kind and understanding. He will give you his full attention. He listens to your problems, but it’s expected of you. Criticism does not tolerate well.

If you want to give him advice and think that the problem approached in the wrong way, choose words very carefully. Cancer never forgets an insult. I hate to say that resentment, but he resents. Also, never criticize his children and his loved ones. He can do that, but you – no way.

He also constantly worried about something and can you upset with all these little things of concern. It’s easy to get sick and needs a lot of rest. This is mainly because it is so emotional; drain on himself.

His mood is changing, and its ruler the Moon, which every 2 and a half enters a new sign. Buy one of the astrological calendar and follow. Then you realize the pattern of behavior. Keep a journal, too!


– selfish

– stubborn

– arrogant

Lav boasts a very royal. In fact, sometimes forgets that he is not from the royal family. He’s always late when you make plans to go out with him. This is awkward, because your time is valuable, too. He loves to show up in a big way, because it is absolute drama queen. Leo is generous.

He likes to organized entertainment, but it is usually after you buy an expensive new toy or a room full of furniture. Entertainment is really just an opportunity for him to show it, not because he wants to see you. Leo likes to relax and feel that others need to be supplied and do most of the work. It is very stubborn and he never changes his mind.

Leo likes to advise others about the hairstyle, clothes, projects, improving household, but sometimes forgets that other people have different opinions. Leo is difficult to understand that not everyone thinks the way he and that not everyone will always agree with him. His arrogance and selfish attitude can quickly bored.


– obsessed with detail

– Hipohondar

– perfectionist

Virgo is a big, big talker. She can talk all night. The problem is that talking about very trivial things that you can drive you nuts. If you go for lunch, Virgo can be 15 minutes to compare the two types of salads and will expect you to sit and listen.

She is intelligent and witty, so can be fun, but she just can not stop talking when her mind occupied with something. She worries a lot and is prone to hypochondria, and will also take care of all chemicals and drug ingredients.

It will probably take about 20 kinds of vitamin supplements for all sorts of reasons, deciding how to safely because they are “natural.”

Nevertheless, it will daily have Lyme disease, palpitations, shortness of breath and several other health problems. Never allow reading medical books or watching shows about a disease or how to get a big head and suffers from it.

Virgo story about the things you should do instead of just offices. The problem is that when you lose so much time on the testimony, the job could be completed. Some Device may seem petty. They are always very neat odjvene.

In the work environment, every document has to be perfect every folder tidy, and every paper in its place. Device insist on a neat and clean environment. Virgo is also critical, because we can not all be as perfect as she is.


– passive-aggressive

– Taste

– irresponsible with money

People born under the zodiac sign of Libra is ruled by Venus, so they want to have a comfortable life and to put a smooth pass. Vagin her sense of balance is very important. Libra wants to fit in and be popular, so sometimes fall under foreign influence and must learn not to be always myths weight if it does not suit.

He has a deep love of beauty, but men and women love fashion and beautiful clothes. This also means that flirt with those people that thinks they look good. Also, he likes good furniture and wants to live in a beautifully decorated home. Can be manipulative, because behind all this sweetness, she likes to be the leader of what is happening.

Women can be slaves of fashion to the point where their shoes injure their feet and attitude, and sometimes pile up huge bills for clothing. Libra believes deserves the best and no remorse when spending money. If need be her more money, you know that someone is saved.

I’m very upset if you do not agree with it and may accuse you of “yelling” at her, just because you expressed a different opinion. People born under this sign are also very much like to stand out.


– Super stubborn

– Competitive

– Mystery

Scorpio has a fixed opinion. If you do not agree with him about something that he was glad the heart, you will get to know the “icy glow.” It’s like a death ray. Disparaging to say that there is a strong will. Determination is her middle name. Scorpio are very competitive, although it may not seem so at first glance. One hides it well.

Scorpio is usually secretive, has its dark side and is obsessed with death. In love relationships, is possessive and jealous. When interested in a topic, it will also investigate to know every detail. That is why many of them are researchers. Many of them are vegetarians or some finicky eater and therefore it is difficult to go out with them.

Aquarius believes that the whole group has to love food that she likes, and therefore always eat at the place of its choice. She is very reserved in conversation, or grown gentle feelings. Often resentment, saying that’s not true. It is an individual and does not care what other people think. She lives life on their own terms.


– tactless

– Awkward

– Overly optimistic

There are two kinds of people born under the sign of Sagittarius: they are very talkative and silent. They are intelligent and interested in higher education, philosophy, different cultures etc. Most people love to travel. When they speak, they are very direct and cross right at the point – sometimes without realizing that violate other people’s feelings.

They love sports, especially outdoors, but they are very clumsy and often break bones and the ozleđuju. They are almost bored optimistic. It is likely that you will be fooled. Will be included in many actions in order to save the world, but because of all the meetings that have to go and sign a petition, which must be completely exhausted.

Shooters think big and want to leave the small details to other people. Shooters are excellent in philosophical discussions with others and find it difficult to apply when others have different opinions.

They are freedom-loving people and they will not like it if someone tries to limit their activities or freedom. Try them not to talk about politics or religion.


– Ambitious

– Workaholic

– complicated

Capricorn is the most serious and will not appreciate if you kidding me with something important to him. He is very ambitious and striving to succeed on the social scale, so do not be offended if you ask your friend Capricorn ignored because it needs to spend time with someone who can help him in this. He just wants to make progress. Capricorn is a workaholic and does not like to be spontaneous.

He does not like risk, unless all is not well calculated. No matter what, Capricorn is emotional, but does not like public displays of emotion and will die of shame if you take him to dinner on his birthday and tell the waiter to bring a cake and sing. They hate to be involved in any kind of scene.

These are the people who always think ahead and want to be in charge. Your relationship with Capricorn will go smoothly if you understand that it is very ambitious and always thoughts away from all the others.


– Boring nonkonformista

– He does not like the rules

– Naoko cold and aloof

Aquarius always live life in its own way, does not obey, not subservient to the established conventions, and if you try to tell her that she will act more scandalous just to give you his nerves. She loves the attention it brings to him and usually lives in the future. If you do not like to try new things and take the risk, Aquarius will be difficult to understand.

It is a variable like lightning and I can not understand myself. Aquarius thinks that the rules apply only to other people. She needs a lot of freedom. Capricorn is stubborn, but since so much enjoys the freedom, understand when other people want, also, to do things their own way. Aquarius has an unusual friends from all walks of life.

If this seems uncomfortable, then it is not good company for you. Aquarius likes to constantly try new personality. Repeater how madly in love with you, and then forget your birthday or forget to call. Aquarius may seem at first glance cold and indifferent.

A fish

– Sleepy

– Poor estimates

– pliable

Fish is the biggest dreamer of the Zodiac. As the last sign they are the most complex people. Pisces understands most of what someone entrusts her. But since he is such a dreamer, she really does not offer good advice. Watermarks, a Fish in particular, need to be careful with drugs and alcohol. They are gullible, followers, not leaders.

Aries is restless and easily bored her, so often starting new projects, and then quickly leaves. She is very good-hearted, but must be careful that the other would not be exploited. Fish do not like the heavy work, and all the details likes to leave to others.

She often cheated because he wants to help others, but not always good estimate. Fish love shoes, and many of them have a couple of tons of pairs of shoes. Go ahead and check boxes.