The dark side of zodiac signs-egoists, komplesaši, my mother’s sons, spoiled … Many would like to hide their dark side, but all reveal …..


This egomaniac competitive spirit will be yours if you answer “yes” to the following questions. Is polygamy is ok, if it applies to me and not to you?

Sports cars are the best thing in the world is not it? Its last and if you do a little more loudly announces it is because you are wrong. Leaves in the case of a “no” answer to any of these questions.


Maybe it’ll be strange in the beginning, but its budget at any time made no mistake. He’ll know always where you will find the cheapest offers junk fuda. Do not be surprised if somewhere there is always a spare sandwich or a calculator. Whoever asks him where to go, he proposes mandatory where the tick bite.

Leaves in case you say you do not know how to cook and is cheap shirt from 5000 dinars.


Something that would change or do not know what. At the same time i would rather be a plumber and space-shuttle pilot. Without a doubt are always a lot of fun, cheerful and lying. The perpetrator of all sinful actions that can be done in five minutes. Any serious plan lasts three minutes.

After all, what plans – none of happiness is not a video of it, but a spate of new thoughts and ideas from dusk till dawn.

Leaves, just do not know when it happened.


It is not true that it is only important family and marriage. Bitan him and alcohol. This passionate lover squeezed apricot and quince, was born to make a family, to have something to destroy. It is important that a woman has a good body and her apron good standing in the kitchen, and immediately falls in love.

Do not leave, leave him, because treznijih, if they succeed, of course.


His sebičanstvo see a perfect reflection in the mirror, not thinking about others, unless decorations behind the main character in the mirror.

The greatest friend of you when he shout “This care”. When he say “reduced to practice, you’re boring as itching” turns and goes with the salve of words and insults. Decline into paranoia when he says he appeared gray in my hair, the wrinkles, not to mention, gym and anti-age creams he became best friends as time goes on. Vanity is his middle name, and it is simply incredible that a man like him can grow old and die, God forbid. He was impossible to leave, as he was never present.


Petty, dull, and paranoid creature. Throat washes Venis, a food eaten tweezers. Master to hold moral lectures while sms-operate with one of his secret friend. Starring courage, but in fact he is afraid of everything.

“You betrayed me, the knife stabbed me in the back! You will never find a man like me!”


He himself does not know what they want throughout life. Irritates surrounding their lack of self-confidence, emphasized emotion and anxiety attacks. Due to all these conditions is transformed into an ice cube and get the man who suffers from manic depression. Always everybody loves him from unexplained reasons.

He loves to use the word “project”

– Now there is something proverb about his project, I’ve been in a hurry, call you later.

I then went into the GSP.

On leave? And it will, if it encounters the successor Rockefeller succession.


Try to mess up and you’re done. In the true sense of the word. Obsessive, possessive and dark, never forgets and lives seconds longer than its main enemy. On its menu one can find any man who betrayed him, deceive and lie. This man if he fails to win, try to eat you, and if that fails then just goes on.

He leaves, and lit up. In fact, most often so revenge. The victim’s generations have an innate fear of shadows.


Complexes play a round in his aura. About all he knows something about it is persistent, especially in an attempt to pass the head through the wall until his head explodes. No problem to then agree that now is going through a new wall because the old over the first ball in the net. He thinks he’s a superstar, but in fact the unrealized athletes.


An awkward character who has a life plan already in the sixth year of life. If he does fit into the plan on a quarterly basis, she’ll love you for sure annually. Will have a plan for how you loved his mother because Oedipus this is the most important item. Always play it safe and easy ignores the emotions because they are irrelevant. Social status is the most important.

There must be a plan to let you leave. While elaborating the plan, tortured and play wishy-washy pulling the problems with my mom. When you decide you are already on the verge of a nervous breakdown.


Looking at an Aquarius, one can easily conclude that Alzheimer receives at birth. Has nothing to plans, everything in life happens once. He despises those who are trying to put him in a template, rebellious often for no reason. All of which shows a hearing or stolen, after two weeks of other people’s stories, needs to reverse the tape and let it all over again.

How do you leave when you can not remember your name?


Or a criminal or a drug addict or a misunderstood artist, or all combined. He was born as a victim, a pathetic was his grandmother at birth.

While writing his songs and poured the wine is counting down the hours when it’s time for a new LSD.

I’ll write a poem, leave a message below believes in ideal love, and then they will do the unthinkable. This is his best plan devised to let you leave.