The day of your birth …. Every day of the week the government determined the Planet!

Every day of the week the government was determined Planeta, so based on the date that you were born, you can find out what type of people you belong to and what planet you have any influence.


Monday by the Moon. People born on Monday related to home, family, family, family, and everyday things. The biggest satisfaction are at home and good family relations. They love to spend time with your partner, family members, relatives and close friends. Changeable moods are prone to wishful thinking, or dreaming and depressive thoughts. They have a good memory and are glib. These people are very sensitive and emotional, are subject to stress. They love peace and pacifists are often reconciled warring sides and mediate between them. They have a talent for entrepreneurship and proficient in the organization.

Features: friendly, flexible, modest, possessive, affectionate family, unsteady, overly sensitive, leaving a strong impression on other people.


Tuesdays government Mars. People born on Tuesday marked the fighting spirit, love to compete, to take a leadership role. They are very active and know how to show initiative, are ready to take a lot of effort and work hard to achieve their goals. They are driven by ambition, enthusiasm, will, desire and energy. Lively are true warriors, know how to fight for the realization of their dreams and plans. At work they are responsible and serious, happy to accept the changes and new trends. Colleagues im glad to be of help, if necessary. They’re hard workers, but sometimes can be so overly sensitive to criticism. Sometimes too much care, and therefore attract even more negativity and problems in your life. I still need to learn to relax and to lead carefree lives. Too loaded trifles and everyday problems. Materialists. You need to pay attention to how to spend money and to save as scattered and prone to impulsive purchases. Excessive been honest, outspoken, and often say things without first think about the possible consequences. They are able to ask other people for advice and opinions, but always do things in their own way.

Features: leaders, brave, fearless, impatient, pushy, destructive, quickly plan, through nature, want to be first in everything.


Wednesday is ruled by Mercury. People born on Wednesday were curious, restless nature and are constantly looking for answers to questions that interest them. They love to travel and explore other cultures. These people are very intelligent and have many talents and for different types of jobs. Mana they do not know how to organize and correct allocation of time at their disposal and the obligations to be performed. Often their thoughts wander to the other side. Curious by nature, ask a lot of questions and look for interlocutors at every step. I just love to communicate. They are very active in interacting with other people and exchange ideas and views. In most cases, they are satisfied with the life they lead and are able to be happy with what they have and ordinary, everyday things. At work they are effective, know how to manage other people and to control their work, to do different types of analyzes and reports. It is important to learn to control their impulsive nature.

Features: communicative, intellectual, logical thinking talkative, versatile, quick, careless, unreliable.


Thursday is ruled by Jupiter. People born on Thursday are great optimists, they have a great sense of humor, constantly working on their intellectual training and further education, love freedom and independence. These people are wise, optimistic and have understanding for other people and their problems. That’s why people respect them, and wherever they go attracted a lot of attention. They have a real leader qualities, often progressing to work in high position and prestige in the society and the environment. They work hard and work hard and make our own success. They love to run free and unfettered life. They are very stubborn, difficult to accept other people’s criticism and therefore have little sincere and loyal friend. Excessive are sincere, say things without thinking, and it often happens that accidentally insults other people. All they get bored, they need new things and new challenges. They love to travel and do not stay long in one place. Nice are raised and relations with respect for other people. People find it difficult to follow them. They have a complicated character.

Characteristics: honest, generous, young in spirit, philosophical thinking, extravagant, sharp on the tongue, vain, pleasure.


Friday is ruled by Venus. People born on Friday like to be surrounded by beautiful things, appreciate art and beauty. They are often talented and artistically gifted. Romantic are elegant and sophisticated. Communication are beautifully expressed. These individuals bring with them the beauty, love, peace, joy and satisfaction. Very attracted to creative things such as music, painting, acting, dancing, writing. They were smiling, happy and contented person, but sensitive and vulnerable in relationships with other people, especially emotionally. Difficult to tolerate disruptions. Long-suffering, and need a lot of time to recover, if someone hurt or disappointed. They are good friends, and generally have a long friendship and a lot of acquaintances. The possessive, quick thinking and decision-makers and business oriented. They love long travel, foreign countries, their culture, language and customs. They have strong intuition. They have an innate wisdom and are often more experienced and more mature than their peers, even the aged ones.

Characteristics: gentle, loyal, attentive, caring, compassionate, social, artistic-minded, lazy, seductive, very sexual, vain.


Saturdays Government Saturn. People born on Saturday are responsible, mature, serious, ambitious, cautious, realistic. They like to plan everything and do not make sudden and hasty decisions. These people are very serious and therefore enjoy the trust of others. At work they are responsible and organized. Excessive worry and be annoyed. I often feel sad when they recall past events. They are very intelligent, often a real perfectionist, obsessed with the details. Well in different types of jobs. They have built and specific style. Tend to create and maintain a certain standard of living. It used to be burdened with what to wear and what to leave an impression on other people. They plan everything down to the smallest detail. The nature of their rebellious, do not like the restrictions of any kind. They are difficult to control, always do what they want. They are suspicious of the relationship with other people, taking care to let someone into your life. They do not trust completely not your friends.

Features: professional, wise, competent, committed, practical, skeptical, subordinates, gloomy, timid, shy, jealous.


Sundays by the Sun. People born on Sunday are ambitious and do not satisfy the small and ordinary things. Harder towards achieving higher goals. By nature they are very generous and have a positive attitude towards life. Other people trust them, seek their advice and respect their opinions. They can be suspicious on many issues. They are extremely sensitive. They affect other people’s comments, a long time thinking about the words they send another person. Always look for some hidden meaning. Many think and analyze, sometimes lose focus and drift off into their world of fantasy and imagination. They love to help other people. Mana is that they are impulsive. They love their freedom and independence. By nature they are stubborn and do not like to second in command, saying what to do. At work, prefer to keep the strings in their hands, and difficult compromise.

Features: proud, courageous, brave, bold, noble, open, social, creative, vain, egocentric, loud, noble, boastful, arrogant.